Lee and TJ get married

Lee had expressed his desire to get married in the church of which he’s been a member for decades to the person he’s been with for nearly a quarter century.

golden-wedding-rings-3I was going to write about how that in 24 states, or 30, maybe 35 states plus the District of Columbia, same sex couples can get married. No wait, there’s a stay by the Supreme Court justice in Idaho, or not any more. I do think that the SCOTUS should just DECIDE this issue once and for all, and that there are dangers in dawdling. But the heck with all that.

On Friday, October 10, 2014, for the first time in the 251-year history of my church, a same-gender couple was able to marry there. This was a function not just of the New York State law passed in June 2011 Continue reading “Lee and TJ get married”