The vitiligo update post

I’ll NEVER shave fully, because the beard offers protection for my upper neck.

vitiligo-1My spellcheck does NOT like the most prominent word in this post…

One of my ex-sisters-in-law wrote:

Hey Roger, I saw a recent photo of you and am wondering if you have vitiligo on your hands. I have it now and find that the sun stings me even with sunscreen. If you do have it, do you find that to be the same for you?

Yes, for over a decade. First posted about it here, and periodically since then.

This I can say: the lack of pigmentation, which is on my arms, legs, and face doesn’t bother me EMOTIONALLY as much as it once did. PHYSICALLY, though, it’s still a pain in the neck, sometimes literally so Continue reading “The vitiligo update post”