The vitiligo update post

I’ll NEVER shave fully, because the beard offers protection for my upper neck.

vitiligo-1My spellcheck does NOT like the most prominent word in this post…

One of my ex-sisters-in-law wrote:

Hey Roger, I saw a recent photo of you and am wondering if you have vitiligo on your hands. I have it now and find that the sun stings me even with sunscreen. If you do have it, do you find that to be the same for you?

Yes, for over a decade. First posted about it here, and periodically since then.

This I can say: the lack of pigmentation, which is on my arms, legs, and face doesn’t bother me EMOTIONALLY as much as it once did. PHYSICALLY, though, it’s still a pain in the neck, sometimes literally so, if I don’t use sunscreen.

Thanks for the interesting information. I didn’t know about the possible liver connection. I’ve had it for about ten years as well. in my case, it seems to be related to the thyroid condition. I think the pattern of it is kind of interesting, but have trouble with my hands because of the difficulty of keeping them out of the sun.

The back of my hands burn as though I were a red-haired Irish schoolgirl. Quite vulnerable when I’m riding the bicycle.

Wow, I was hoping it was just the strong sun down here. I guess it will be that way just about anywhere.

I have no protection. MUST use sunscreen. I’ll NEVER shave fully, because the beard offers protection for my upper neck.
I did get it shaved back in 2013; I thought I looked hideous.

Me too (well, except for the beard). I try to schedule my outings for early or late to avoid full sun. I hate sunscreen, but use it when I must.

Yes, I was never a sunbather, but that’s not even an option. I do the timing thing. Those times I forget (usually on overcast days), I feel miserable later.

There’s a company called Sun Precautions that sells sunscreen and blocking clothes that you might like. It’s hard with the hands. I had some hand covers, but they didn’t work well for driving. I used a parasol too until it fell apart. I’ve been taking some medications that cause sun sensitivity as well. So it was handy …unintentional pun…
I am thinking of getting the travel size umbrella this time, There is a navy blue that might be better than the yellow one I had.

I probably ought to write about it again… I wear long-sleeve shirts in the summer, lest I burn. Usually wear long pants, rather than shorts. This may be unrelated, but I really NEED sunglasses on a sunny days.

Well, I learned something from what I just read. It’s good to inform other people, I think. I sometimes wear a scarf over my head an arms in summer and I’ve gotten some strange looks with that as well as the umbrella.

Better to look weird than get heat stroke.

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4 thoughts on “The vitiligo update post”

  1. Sunburn is something to be avoided whenever possible. I try to keep my exposure down to reasonable minimums, which rather conflicts with the simultaneous goal of losing my ghastly winter pallor. Nature has sought to mitigate both problems by giving us 11 inches of rain in the last five days.

  2. Chaz- been worried about you. OKC and surrounding areas has had TERRIBLE weather this week.

  3. Sounds like you have found a way to cope with it…although I wish you didn’t have to. I’ve learned more about it from reading your posts than I ever knew before.

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