Les Green, painter

Les Green.bridge
My sister Marcia posted this on Facebook a few months ago:

Though the Binghamton memorial bridge is similar, the story behind the Green family painting of a bridge goes as follows: a young married couple with 3 children, saw a painting/print in a store window. Not having extra income, that talented renaissance father/husband/man made the canvas by hand and painted this painting for his lovely wife. Dad always worked in acrylic paints, as it dried much faster and was easier to work with and cheaper than oils.

See his signature trees at the Roberson event. He also had this bridge painting on display and always joked that if he ever sold it, that he would be in for a Divorce. I am sure that our father could have been inspired by the Binghamton memorial bridge, as he kind of had a “things for bridges…and roller coasters.
Les Green.painting.newsp

The bridge painting was in my parents’ bedroom when I grew up. It is now at my sister Marcia’s house in North Carolina.

Les Green – Dad – would have been 89 tomorrow.

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