P is for 45th President of the US

I will be voting in the election for our 45th President. I ALWAYS vote.

electoral_mapAs you’ve might have heard, the American voter will be electing the 45th President of the United States on November 8. Well, sort of.

Most of the states, 48 of them (except for Nebraska and Maine), are winner-take-all contests, where one candidate or another gets all of what are called electoral votes, which Parade magazine attempts to explain, as does Wikipedia.

Basically, the number of members of the House of Representatives (based on population) plus the number of US Senators (2 per state) equals the number of electoral votes a state gets. The District of Columbia, where the nation’s capital, Washington, is (as opposed to the western state of Washington), also gets three electoral votes.

The candidate with more than 270 electoral votes (538 total electoral votes divided by two, plus one) becomes President. Getting on the ballot on each state is fairly routine for the Democratic Party (candidate is Hillary Clinton) and the Republican Party (Donald Trump). Only one other candidate is on the ballot in all 50 states, the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson. Jill Stein of the Green Party is running in over 40 states. Here’s a list of other minor party candidates.

The winner in November will be either the Democrat or the Republican. Not since 1860, when Abraham Lincoln won, running on the nascent Republican party, won the election. The Progressive Party ran former President Teddy Roosevelt against the Republican incumbent (and former TR Vice-President) William Howard Taft. Teddy came in second, and received 88 of 531 electoral votes. But Democrat Woodrow Wilson was elected.

1968 was the most recent time at third party candidate won electoral votes, George Wallace of the American Independent Party, who garnered 46 of 538 electoral votes. “The last third party candidate to win more than 5.0% of the vote was Ross Perot, who ran as an independent and as the standard-bearer of the Reform Party in 1992 and 1996, respectively.” Read more about third parties here.
[Blue is Democratic; red is Republican.]

Each state has its own rules about voting. The deadlines for registering to vote vary. Some allow early voting, before November 8, while others do not. The hours the polls are open are not the same. This is is the nature of federalism, which allows the states to maintain control of certain aspects of the process.

I will be voting in the election for our 45th President. I ALWAYS vote.

That’s enough for now – I worked on this piece before and it died when my computer whacked out – but if you have questions about the process, this old poli sci major will try to answer your questions.

ABC Wednesday – Round 19

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18 thoughts on “P is for 45th President of the US”

  1. The American election process is so “foreign” to me, but I do enjoy following it as much as possible. It does tend to get much more “entertaining” than the Canadian elections…and go on for so much longer! Our last election took 11 weeks – the longest in history! lol I know I’m on “your team” though and horrified that the other candidate got this far!

    abcw team

  2. I have to admit that I can’t wait for this election to be over.
    The process has been nothing to be proud of.
    I am voting too. I always do.

  3. Overhere we here and read lots of news, if one chooses too that is, about that man…
    seeing him fills me with anxiety to be honest….
    I hope that all will go well for all of US inhabitants..

  4. This year, I hate the electoral college even more than before. I dread the election results. I’m unhappy with the presidential candidates and with our state candidates. I WILL vote, but it’s mostly voting against the candidates, not for anyone.

  5. Dismayed at the quality of both candidates, and wonder how the outcome, whatever, will affect Canada – where we have our own problems with Sunny Boy!!!

  6. The American elections seems to be a fun show for the rest of the world. If you listen to these word fights between the two candidates it is really amusing. Sad to say because an election should be a serious matter. All this dirt coming out, what has private life to do with politics ?? And this clown of Trump how is it only possible that he went that far ?? Poor America. Hope all will go well.

  7. So perfect, pumpkins, PRESIDENTS…

    Why don’t I think of these? We really need an A-Z list. especially for when you guys stop doing ABC W!


  8. I’ve voted in EVERY election since I turned 18. I think this election is NOT what everyone is saying will happen. Will be on pins and needles Nov 8.

  9. It wasn’t until the Gore vs. Bush election that I finally paid attention to the electoral college. May this election go seamlessly. No diva protesting from the candidate who shall not be named.

  10. How complicated! It’s such a pity that President Obama has to leave. For us in Europe he was the best president ever. May God help the US to choose an intelligent, wise and civilized person.

  11. I am still as Dutch citizen, so i can’t vote:) But it’s a crazy system here! Don’t know what to believe, but it looks like, several are not fighting fair. Am glad when it’s done,so at least certain things will be settled. Thanks for sending me your P-post:)

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