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Rode in the back of police car?

RussianDollI’m much more prone to do one of those quiz things when I’ve gone three or four days without blogging, which happens periodically when I am away at a conference or the computer doesn’t work.

This is a way to ease back into the blogging habit, the rhythm.

From Facebook, where one is supposed to put an X if you have done it, but I found that boring. It’s called Bucket List, which I REALLY thought was inane.

But still, I play along. “You’ll be surprised at the responses.” Yeah, right.

Fired a Gun – my grandfather’s rifle, when I was about seven. Knocked me on my keister.
Been Married – more than once.
Fell in love – more than once.
Gone on a blind date – I don’t believe so.
Skipped school- in 12th grade, to go to some antiwar demonstration. In college? Several times in the latter period.

Watched someone give birth – the Wife gave birth to the Daughter.
Watched someone die – my mother. And I hadn’t realized it.
Been to Canada – several times, most recently in 2011.
Ridden in an ambulance – just once, when I was 19.
Been to Hawaii – no. And I was invited. 1995.

Been to Europe – no, and I want to.
Been to Las Vegas – no, but I’m not hankering to do so.
Been to Washington D.C. – several times, most recently in 1998, I think.
Been to Nashville – yes, for a conference.
Visited Florida – at least twice, Orlando and Miami, both for conferences.

Visited Mexico – at least twice.
Seen Grand Canyon in person – no, and I’d like to.
Flown in a HELICOPTER – no.
Partied so hard you puked – yes. But it’s not hard partying, it’s changing liquors.
Been on a cruise – no.

Served on a jury – no. Called at least four times, appeared twice, went through voir dire once.
Been in a movie – no.
Danced in the rain – of course.
Been to Los Angeles – no. Anaheim is as close as I’ve gotten.
Been to New York City – MANY times, most recently in 2013.

Played in a band …in high school – I was a percussionist for one concert. Found it extremely difficult to wait for 30 or 40 measures, not seeing where everyone was.
Sang karaoke – never, actually.
Made prank phone calls – No, and I find doing so really annoying.
Laughed so much you cried – sure.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue – of course.

Had children – one.
Had a pet – several, but a large gap from my 20s to my 60s.
Been sledding on big hill – sure
Been downhill skiing – no.
Been water skiing – no.

Rode on a motorcycle – on the back, once or twice.
Traveled to all 50 states- only 30.
Jumped out of a plane – no.
Been to a drive-in movie – yes, as a child.
Rode an elephant …at the circus– no.

Rode a Horse – yes. First time: June 9, 1976.
Been on TV – locally several times. Twice nationally.
Been in the newspaper – many times.
Stayed in the Hospital – at least twice.
Donated blood – about 150 times.

Gotten a piercing – no.
Gotten a tattoo – no
Driven a stick shift vehicle – tried mightily, but no.
Driven over 100 mph – no.
Been scuba diving – no.

Lived on your own – for years.
Rode in the back of police car – yes.
Got a speeding ticket – no.
Broken a bone – yes, a rib.
Gotten stitches – a few times.
Traveled Alone – yes, for a couple of weeks in 1998 most recently.

Here’s another: Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer. “It’s fun. Who doesn’t love a game of Scattergories? Come on! Try it!!!”
Name – Roger
Animal – Rhino
Girl’s name – Olive
Color – Ecru
Movie – Until the End of the World
Something you wear – Denim
Drink – Mead
Food – Dill pickles
Item in the bathroom – Soap
Place – Poland
Reason to be late – Drinking


ABC Wednesday – Round 19

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