We’ve been friends now for so many years

I’ve been in particular need of the connective tissue of friendship.

I recently discovered that a friend of mine from my college days had, as a result of taking clindamycin for an infection, suffered a stroke late last year and nearly died. She is a few years younger than I, healthy and trim. She’s had to relearn do the basic things, such as eating and walking.

Except for our respective birthdays, which we remember – hers is really easy – we’ve not been in much contact the last couple years. But she has been important in my life, for a variety of reasons. So we’ve been emailing back and forth, although it’s difficult for her, and I called her this past weekend. The small bit of good news is that she’s not at work, which has become a toxic environment.

My best friend from college I hadn’t talked to much in the past year, but he and I have sent a wave of emails back and forth in the past couple months.

Here’s a story about a sick teenager. I’m friends with her stepmom, and I debated politics with her dad on Facebook all last fall.

I’m glad to see that Krys, wife of Greg Burgas, one of the very first bloggers I ever “met”, is home from the hospital.

Some of my best blogger buddies haven’t been posting much lately, because of illness, depression, severe weather, and other factors, and I’ve missed them. I must admit that I really enjoy it when my blog generates a blog response – see Arthur@AmeriNZ’s I’ll be your substitute, e.g.

My niece Rebecca Jade lost her father-in-law, Ricky Curtis. My former JEOPARDY! opponent Amy lost her dad, as did Jack in my church choir. Condolences to those families.

My wife has been in touch with her far-away friends this month. One who’s now in Arkansas, who she knows from college, she spent two hours on the phone with this past weekend. A childhood friend now in Georgia we saw because she was up for her father-in-law’s burial. They were both in our wedding, so I know them as well.

This year, I’ve been in particular need of the connective tissue of friendship. I think it’s partially tied to the death of my friend Norm, who I would have used as a sounding board for a lot of issues.

Friends is the title song from the Beach Boys 1968 album, written by Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Al Jardine.

We’ve been friends now for so many years
We’ve been together through the good times and the tears
Turned each other on to the good things that life has to give

We drift apart for a little bit of a spell
One night I get a call and i know that you’re well
And days I was down you would help me get out of my hole

Listen to Friends – Beach Boys

Patriotic Tax Day Protest Rally, 4/15 in Albany

We demand that President Trump release his taxes; it’s now a matter of national security.

From Bethlehenm (NY) Indivisible:

Bethlehem Indivisible, a newly formed community action group, will be leading their first action: a Patriotic Tax Day Protest Rally in Albany NY. The red white and a blue rally will be held on Saturday, April 15, 3:00-5:00 p.m., At the NYS Capital, Capital West Park, Albany NY.

Bethlehem Indivisible is a group of citizens that have banded together in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. We are organizing to resist the President’s hateful agenda and to pursue a more progressive platform.

In solidarity with tax day protests all over the country, we will demonstrate on Saturday, April 15 to make three clear points.
1) We demand that President Trump release his taxes; it’s now a matter of national security.
2) We believe taxes are patriotic and that it is almost treasonous for Trump to think only losers pay taxes. At our rally, we will wear red white and blue and wave and carry flags.
3) We’ll rally in support of the pending NYS legislation (A04072 and S00026) referred to as “Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act,” (Also known as the T.R.U.M.P. act) which states that to be on the ballot for office in NYS, one must be willing to release the previous 5 years of returns.

Speakers include:
State Assemblymember Phil Steck
State Assemblymember Patricia Fahy
Mayor of Albany Kathy Sheehan (question due to family tragedy)
Albany Common Council President Carolyn McLaughlin
Citizen speakers

Music by members of the HS band The Conscious Club

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