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Why don’t you blog on sites where you can be blocked, censored or ostracized?

quoraQuora is a “question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions.” It began in June 2009, though I’d only been aware of it for the past couple years.

I’ve answered a handful of Quora questions, even some directed to me. Some of the ones I have NOT answered I did not think were questions that the person really wanted to know, just codifying their POV, such as “Why isn’t Hillary in jail yet?”

How do I add clickable links to my blog page?
Both Blogspot and WordPress have a LINK button when in post-writing mode which you can click on. That said, I tend to add links with simple code.

Why don’t you blog on sites where you can be blocked, censored or ostracized?
I HAVE been on a blog site where I have been, if not ostracized, then worked over pretty well. But if the intent of a blog is self-expression, WHY would I WANT to be on a site where I can be blocked?

Here are my replies to Why do bloggers blog other than for money? and Should I pre – make blog posts before going live with the site?

How large is the Library of Congress? According to the Library of Congress, a very reliable source, it has over 168 million items

Dustbury tends to address the Quora grifters.

How can I use my debit card if I don’t have it with me?
“You don’t have a debit card, Bunkie. What you have is a whole lot of greed and not a whole lot of smarts. Now quit trying to steal from the honest people out here”

Also: How can I get a fake credit card? and Where can I get a totally free, no sign up no credit card psychic reading which is accurate? and the bizarre If I create an email address with a domain I do not own, can the owner of the domain do anything to my email?

He’s got a bunch of replies, including How many women sleep nude?

My friend Allie responded to a query about giving money to street people:

“When my pastor is asked this he gives the answer he was given by a fellow man of the cloth-

“If you give and they do not need it it is on them but if you do not give and they are in need then that is on you

“Do as your conscience bids and keep Matthew 25 in mind.”

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