Pop hits of Doris Day and… Peggy Lipton?

The Doris Day Show , The Mod Squad both on 1968-1973

Peggy Lipton
Peggy Lipton
Every obituary I saw and read mentioned the singing career of Doris Day. At least one noted that of Peggy Lipton, who died in the same three-day span in May 2018.

Doris Day had numerous top 40 hits between 1947 and 1958. Growing up, I knew her better for her 1968-1973 sitcom on CBS.

Peggy Lipton, of course, was on ABC’s The Mod Squad, which I watched religiously at least in the first three seasons, during that very same time period. Her music career was somewhat less successful.

Doris Day –

Love Somebody (with Buddy Clark), #1 for five weeks in 1948

It’s Magic, #2 in 1948, from the film Romance on the High Seas

My Darling, My Darling (with Buddy Clark) – #7 in 1948, from the Broadway musical Where’s Charlie

Again, #2 for two weeks in 1949, from the movie Roadhouse

Shanghai, #7 in 1951

A Guy is a Guy, #1 in 1952 – originated as a British song, “I Went to the Alehouse (A Knave Is a Knave),” dating from 1719. During World War II, soldiers sang a bawdy song based on “A Knave…” entitled “A Gob Is a Slob.” Oscar Brand cleaned up the lyrics, and wrote this song based on it. Accompanied by Paul Weston’s orchestra

Sugarbush (with Frankie Laine), #7 in 1952. Featuring the Norman Luboff Choir and Carl Fischer’s orchestra

Secret Love, #1 for four weeks in 1954, from the film Calamity Jane

If I Give My Heart To You (with the Mellomen), #3 in 1954

Peggy Lipton –

Stoney End, #121 in 1968

Lu, #102 in 1970

Wear Your Love Like Heaven, #108 in 1970

But I discovered that Peggy Lipton had a role in a significant recording. On the commentary track for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the late Rod Templeton noted that he had written the “rap” for the title song.

He was trying to get a “name” artist such as Vincent Price to do the bit on the song. Quincy Jones told him that Q’s then-wife, Peggy Lipton was actually friends with Price. So the collaboration came to pass.

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