Songs from the year I was born

Tony Bennett is STILL performing

Orioles, 1948
The next prompt is “A song from the year you were born.” Now, THAT is a nicely specific framework. I know at least two people born in 1966 who know WAY more about the music of the year they were born than I do about 1953. I suppose it’s because I was born in the “pre-rock era.”

There are tons of titles I recognize that were performed by others. Ebb Tide, an instrumental by Frank Chacksfield (#2); Your Cheatin’ Heart – Joni James (#2); P.S. I Love You – the Hilltoppers (#4). Cryin’ in the Chapel – June Valli (#4) and several others.

Most of the ones I know, I own on a compilation disc someone gave me for my birthday about a decade ago.

(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window? – Patti Page, #1 in March. My mother would reference this song when I was a child.
You, You, You – Ames Brothers, #1 in September. One may remember Ed Ames from the Daniel Boone TV show in the mid-1960.
Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes – Perry Como, #1 in January. Como had a variety show that started before I was born and lasted until 1963. I saw it occasionally.
Eh, Cumpari! – Julius La Rosa, #2 in November. LaRosa was famously fired by Arthur Godfrey that year.
Rags to Riches – Tony Bennett, #1 in November. Bennett had a “comeback” in 1993 and is still performing.

Istanbul Not Constantinople – the Four Lads, #10 in December. I heard the They Might Be Giants version from 1990 first. I have this on a Cadence Records compilation; that was the label of the Everly Brothers, among others.

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt, #4 in December. I answered a Quora question about this: Who originally recorded and sang “Santa Baby”? Eartha Kitt, one of the women who played Catwoman on the TV show Batman in the 1960s. I have the track on an album called Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits 1935–1954, which came out in 1989… But the first version I heard was by Madonna on the original A Very Special Christmas from 1987.

Crying in the Chapel – the Orioles, #11 in September, #1 for five weeks on the Rhythm and Blues charts. The disparity between the pop and RB chart action partly explains why various charts exist.

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  1. I like a lot of these songs, and several are in rotation on my Spotify library (which is currently shuffling over 8100 songs). They always remind me of my wife’s grandmother, who liked this kind of music. (That said, I truly hate “Eh, Cumpari.”)

    I really love Ed Ames, and the Ames Brothers recorded my favorite version of “Good King Wenceslas” which is an essential on my Christmas playlists.

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