From the New York island to California

PUT the statehood IN ORDER: OK, CA, NE

CaliforniaContinuing with US states, Canadian provinces and territories of both. The letter is C.

CA California – first two letters. The tradition abbreviation was Calif., though Cal. and Ca. were also used. Capital: Sacramento; largest city: Los Angeles. In fact, the state has three of the ten largest cities in the country: LA (#2), San Diego (#8) and San Jose (#10).

Famously, gold was discovered in Sutter’s Mill in Coloma. This lead to the migration known as the California Gold Rush. The National Football League team, the San Francisco 49ers, was named for this phenomenon.

When I was on JEOPARDY! in 1998, there was a clue in the category PUT ‘EM IN ORDER, in which we had to put the elements of the clue in chronological order. The choices of Oklahoma statehood, California statehood, Nebraska statehood. I knew that California rapidly became eligible, and in fact, became a state in 1850. Nebraska became a state in 1867, Oklahoma not until 1907.


The United States population has been moving south and west for a number of years. But in 1957, all 16 Major League Baseball teams were in the Northeast and Midwest: MA: Boston (AL); PA: Philadelphia (NL) and Pittsburgh (NL); MD: Baltimore (AL); Washington, DC (AL); OH: Cincinnati (NL), Cleveland (AL); MI: Detroit (AL); IL: Chicago (AL and NL); WI: Milwaukee (NL); MO: Kansas City (AL), St. Louis (NL).

Plus there were three teams in New York City. The New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers were in the National League, while the New York Yankees were in, and usually dominated, the American League. The Giants and Dodgers stagger the sports world by relocating to California – to San Francisco and LA, respectively – “where growing metropolises greet them with record-breaking attendance figures…while millions back in New York City are numbed with betrayal.”

CO Colorado – first two letters. The traditional abbreviation was Colo. or Col. Capital and largest city: Denver.

CT Connecticut – first and last letter. the traditional abbreviation was Conn. ot Ct. Capital: Hartford; largest city: Bridgeport.

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8 thoughts on “From the New York island to California”

  1. Thanks for your like on the painting! Yeah, do you know i live in the goldrush area in California? Too bad we came a century too late, otherwise I might have been rich, haha.
    What is strange to me is that San Francisco became so huge in the gold rush, but Sacramento is still like a town to me – it has not that big city feeling at all!
    Since you know many historic things, why did Los Angeles become so big (my guess after the goldrush?)

  2. Jesh – LA’s growth was a combination of climate, access to the ocean, oil, anti-union politics, the entertainment industry and, possibly most of all, the ability to have sprawl. Have you read The Library Book, about the LA library fire? I recommend it.

  3. My first memory of baseball was listening to a Giants and Dodgers game on our busdriver’s radio as we chugged homeward from school on a sunny afternoon. Mays, Marichal, Cepeda, the Alou brothers, Davenport, Haller — what a team!

  4. Oh wow very impressive you were on Jeopardy. I’ve been to San Francisco and LA. Someday I’d like to visit San Diego.

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