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Pseudonyms also work

peachA few years ago, my church had a gathering for people experiencing the Christmas blues. I didn’t go, but I understand it wasn’t well-attended, so it fell by the wayside. I never believed it was from a lack of need.

There is surely a market. I think a lot of people feel OBLIGATED to act peachy-keen about the holidays.

They may be financially underwater or stressed about getting the perfect gift. Loneliness is often a factor at this time of year, ironically. Grief and estrangement are huge during the holidays. I have to actively work against the melancholy, myself.

Let me tell you what makes me feel just a little peachier at this time of year. It’s when I use my solstice powers to request that you Ask Roger Anything. If you do so, I am obliged to answer, generally within four weeks.

A wide variety

You could ask about impeachment or peach melba or the book James and the Giant Peach, though I have, in fact, never read it. The Allman Brothers album Eat a Peach or the duo Peaches and Herb or songs referencing the fruit. Or a different fruit. Or even vegetables.

Think of this as a method of social interaction that could alleviate your stress and mine. If you’d rather, vent that frustration over family gatherings, as you bite your lip not saying the wrong thing. Or saying it. You could share it here.

Per usual, you can leave any of your questions and/or suggestions, in the comments section of this blog or on Facebook or Twitter; for the latter, my name is ersie. Always look for the duck.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s ducky, but you need to state that specifically. E-mail me at rogerogreen (AT) gmail (DOT) com, or send me an IM on FB and note that you want to be unnamed; otherwise, I’ll assume you want to share your identity. Pseudonyms also work.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

One thought on “Peachy version of Ask Roger Anything”

  1. 1. We’re entering the second impeachment trial of my life (and there should have been a third, had Nixon not read the writing on the wall). Are you tired of these things?

    2. Do you like the cultural offerings in your area?

    3. What’s something completely mundane that bugs you or freaks you out? For me it’s the fact that the buttons on the drive-thru ATM have braille on them. It’s clear why (they probably don’t bother making multiple sets of buttons for those machines), but it still always strikes me as really odd.

    4. What is your favorite mode of transportation, regardless of destination?

    5. How pessimistic are you about climate change? (I am DEEPLY pessimistic about it.)

    Best wishes!

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