New Testament pop music mix

Bobby McFerrin, U2

BeatitudesHere’s a continuation of a list of songs I found in my record collection after my last full readthrough of the Bible back in 1996/1997. I was in a Bible study at the home of my then-former girlfriend. Two years later, I lived at that home for a year.

These are references to New Testament scripture.

Home by Another Way -James Taylor. Matthew 2:12. A reference to the Three Wise Guys.
Blessed – Simon and Garfunkel. The Beatitudes in Matthew 5.
Touch The Hem Of His Garment – Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers. Matthew 9:26.
Alas for You – Godspell. Matthew 23:13+. This is a bit of a cheat.

The Word – the Beatles. John 1:1.
The Cross – Prince. The crucifixion story appears in all four Gospels, and is referred to throughout the New Testament.
Jesus Christ – U2. From a Woody Guthrie/Leadbelly tribute album.
When Love Comes to Town – U2 and BB King. Mark 15:24, John 19:16, among other verses.

Hold On – Pete Seeger. Acts 16, which also, BTW, is where we found our daughter’s name.
Good Shepherd – Jefferson Airplane. A reference to Jesus in the Gospel and elsewhere. Paul and Silas travel together in the book of Acts.
By and By – Leadbelly. 1 Corinthians 13:12.
Discipline – Bobby McFerrin, featuring Robert McFerrin, Sr. Hebrews 12:11.
Oh, What a Beautiful City – Sonny Terry. Revelation 21:9+.


These are inspirational songs. All but the first is from an album honoring Rosa Parks.

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder –
The Captain of My Ship – Oleta Adams
No Fear · Daryl Coley
Help Us Lord – The Chosen
Faith – Richard Smallwood

Finally, these are yer basic miscellaneous pop religious songs.

When God Dips His Love in My Heart – Alison Krauss and the Cox Family
Oh Happy Day – Edwin Hawkins Singers.
Jesus Is Just Alright – the Doobie Brothers
Spirit In The Sky – Doctor And The Medics. (Do I have the Norman Greenbaum original?)

Amen – Elton John and Sounds of Blackness – Amen. On a Curtis Mayfield tribute album.
Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet – Gavin Bryars and Tom Waits.
Thanks (Prayer) – En Vogue.
Our Prayer -Beach Boys.

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