Sept. rambling: First Internet Interaction

Pharoah Sanders

first internet interaction
First Internet Interaction from

What is a mental health screening?

Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper shared personal experiences of coping with grief

The Contagion on Social Media

The relief of missing out: Anticipated anxiety is a big reason why more people are avoiding the news

How the Trump Grift Works

Declassifying by just thinking about it

Trump got the special master he wanted, but he’s finding that Judge Dearie isn’t what he expected

Hotter days lead to more harassment and hate speech

Making sense of reactionary victim culture

Warnings Mount Over Right-Wing Plot to Rewrite US Constitution

The Court’s problems run deeper than Roe

Book-Banning Attempts in the US Have Reached Unprecedented Level, Libraries Report

A brazen scheme: 47 charged with siphoning $250M from COVID-19 child meal program

Ken Starr’s Pious Misogyny

Iran unrest: Women burn headscarves at anti-hijab protests

John Oliver Criticizes Law and Order and Dick Wolf for Unrealistic, Highly Favorable Portrayal of Police

Why Younger People are Getting Shingles

Canada to Drop COVID Vaccine and ArriveCan App Requirement October 1

The Increasing Importance of a Best Friend at Work

The cheating scandal roiling the chess world has a new wrinkle 

 When Experts Play It Too Safe: Innovation Lessons from a NASA Experiment

Louise Fletcher, the Cruel Nurse Ratched in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ Dies at 88

Biden Surprises Elton John With National Humanities Medal

YouTube Launches Revenue-Sharing Programs for Shorts, Music Licensing

Albert Pujols lets emotions flow after joining 700 Home Run Club

Mark Evanier: Tales From High School, featuring Hawaiian Punch

Saturday Morning with Captain Kangaroo

The people making millions off Listerine royalties


Is This Upscale Fast Food?

The Problem With Outsourcing Your Crimes

The Olympic Champion Who Never Knew It

Flying the Hungry Skies

The Real Movie That Created Fake Students


Pharoah Sanders Dies at 81. The legendary saxophonist was a key figure in the spiritual jazz movement. Harvest Time and  The Creator Has A Master Plan

Spiegel im spiegel (The mirror in the mirror) by Arvo Part

Coverville 1414: The Fiona Apple Cover Story

Jolly Robbers overture by Franz von Suppe. 

TV theme songs from kids’ shows – the Ashatones

Soundtrack Suite from Shadowlands by George Fenton

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