Sunday Stealing: Extraordinary PenPals

adrenaline rush

This Sunday Stealing edition is PenPals, Part 2, stolen from the League of Extraordinary PenPals.

1. Do you make new friends easily?
I don’t think so. Acquaintances who may become friends down the road, perhaps. But almost all of my friends I’ve known for decades.

2..Which podcasts do you like at the moment?
I only listen to three. Coverville: Brian Ibbott plays new renditions of previously recorded songs.  Hollywood and Levine by Ken Levine, an Emmy-winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer. AmeriNZ by Arthur Schenck, a gay American-born New Zealander.

3. One thing that immediately makes your day better
Music. I play a LOT of music. Currently, it’s people whose birthdays are in March, such as Aretha Franklin, Elton John, and James Taylor. Also, LOTS of soundtracks in honor of the Oscars.

4. What app do you use most?
The Capital District Transportation Authority’s Navigator tells me when the next bus is coming.

5. The friends who would have your back no matter what
The ones I’ve mentioned in the last three months: Carol, Karen, Mark, Bill, Fred, and a few others.

6. What is something you’ll never do again?
So many things… I’ll say get married. (Note: I like being married.)

7. Something you practice often
The intentionality of kindness. A movie I saw two years ago called The Antidote spoke to this. 
Better than drugs
8. What gives you an adrenaline rush?
I repeat myself when under stress. I repeat myself when under stress. I
 repeat myself… It’s music. This week, I was commenting on how the bassline of Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart by the Supremes moves me. Or how The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel breaks my heart.
My choir is practicing Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain, the last piece from Handel’s Messiah. We began working on it in March 2020, and then we didn’t perform it for some reason.

9. How well do you do in social situations?
I fake it well, I gather. Our dermatologist told my wife this week that I was “full of personality” from when I was there a couple of months ago.

10. Are you a light sleeper or a deep sleeper?
Definitely light.

11. Do you get stage fright?
A small tribe
12. Which family members are you closest to?
Well, my family is small.  There are two nieces on the Green side, two sisters, one daughter, and one spouse. My parents are deceased, and they had no siblings, so I never had any first cousins.

13. How was your February?
Exhausting. Although I’ve said for years that I wasn’t in charge of my church’s Black History Month, I suppose I was. I called a meeting in October for ideas, several of which sounded promising, but only one panned out.  I scurried around finding events for three classes of Adult Education.

14. What is your favorite candle scent?
I have no idea.

15. One book that you would recommend as a “must read”?
I don’t believe in a “must read, ” an album people must listen to, or a movie folks must watch. It’s too prescriptive for my sensibilities. Besides, it depends on the individual I’m recommending to.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing: Extraordinary PenPals”

  1. I answered number one in a similar fashion. I think I make acquaintances easily but I think it takes a little time for a true friendship to develop. The one exception to that (for me) is when I travel with folks — there is something about being together for 10 straight days that can make fast friends out of folks.

  2. When I was able to sing and sang with choirs there were several numbers that really got my adrenalin rushing!

  3. I used to read Levine’s blog. It’s still up and Google takes me to it when I have a question about an old movie or TV show I’m watching. So thanks for the link to his podcast.

    PS I’m a baseball purist who laments the moment when the NL adopted the DH so this shocks me to say, but I LOVE THE NEWS RULES THIS YEAR! Faster games, more stolen base attempts, more left handers going for singles instead of always swinging from the heels. Yay!

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