Music that’s gone to the dogs

Beatles, Royal Guardsmen, and, of course, Rufus Thomas

Oh, no, I missed National Dog Day on August 26. But we’re still in the midst of Responsible Dog Ownership Month. We can still celebrate  National Dog Week,  September 20-26. Why Dog Day isn’t in Dog Week, I just don’t know. And here are more celebrations.
Now for some music that’s gone to the dogs. Two things: I own physical copies of each of these songs and not all of them are actually about dogs.
Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
Diamond Dogs – David Bowie. The title song of the album.
Dirty Old Egg Sucking Hound – Johnny Cash, from the “comedy” album, Everybody Loves A Nut.
Hey, Bulldog – The Beatles. The group was supposed to record a promotional film for Lady Madonna but decided to record a new song instead upon arrival. A great song and a joyous video. The recording ended up on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack.
Hound Dog – Big Mama Thornton. Reportedly, someone did a cover of this, which was fairly successful.
(How Much Is) That Doggie In the Window – Patti Page
I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens
I’ll Be Doggone – Marvin Gaye
More canine choruses
Jealous Dogs – The Pretenders. I was playing my Pretenders albums in honor Chrissie Hynde (7th) and Martin Chambers (4th), whose birthdays are both in September, and I had forgotten about this song.
Martha My Dear – Beatles. Paul’s English sheepdog, a factoid I’ve known since before the group broke up.
My Dog and Me – John Hiatt
Old King – Neil Young
Quiche Lorraine– The B-52’s. For the second time this year, the song appears in this blog.
A Salty Dog– Procol Harum. The “salty dog” in question is the captain of a majestic sailing ship.
Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron – The Royal Guardsmen. The RGs had a few Snoopy songs, including a relatively dark one, Snoopy v. Osama, which I wrote about here and here.
Walking the Dog – Rufus Thomas. He had several dog songs, including No More Doggin’ Around (from 1952!), The Dog, Can Your Monkey Do The Dog, and Somebody Stole My Dog (all from 1963 and ’64). 
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