CVS plopped a dumpster

Like a bad neighbor…

As you may recall, CVS closed my local store in late September 2023, much to my chagrin.

David Galin, chief of staff to Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan, posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter that the company “shut down an essential business in one of our more diverse neighborhoods, plopped a dumpster in front of two other small businesses just trying to make ends meet, AND decided it to do un-permitted construction on their way out.

“Alas, the City is onto them.” 

Joe Bonilla added: “This is how @CVSHealth  treats neighborhoods it disinvests in – by plopping a dumpster in front of a coffee shop and a movie theater in Albany! There was a spot in front of its former store, but it chose to locate this in front of two businesses left on the block. Thanks, CVS!”

And if CVS didn’t want it in front of the store because it would have blocked a CDTA bus stop, it could have used the side of the building on South Main, With a permit, of course. 

Author: Roger

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3 thoughts on “CVS plopped a dumpster”

  1. Ugh, aargh, harrumph. Bad enough they closed a store that has essentials for the community, but that final insult of the dumpster. I hope someone takes a photo and puts it on social media, tagging #cvs for showing their disregard for the neighborhood they were supposed to serve.

  2. Big Pharmacy is in utter collapse nationwide. I’d be shocked if chain pharmacies even exist as they do today by the end of the decade.

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