Hey 19: that’s Roger’s blog years

in my not so humble opinion

Hey 19?! It seems unbelievable to write, but this is the 19th anniversary of my blogging for Ramblin’ with Roger. And I’ve posted daily, which is insane. Or I’m insane.

I’ve noted in the past how I started blogging. However, I may not have written why I keep on writing. It’s all about Aristotle. And  Socrates. Of course.

Per this article: “Aristotle writes, ‘It is owing to their wonder that people both now begin and at first began to philosophize.” Philosophy and psychoanalysis alike began in wonder, wonder about the nature of reality and being, about the self, about knowledge, and about the meaning of our experiences.'”

That’s an excellent way of putting, “I’m just trying to figure it out.” The more I do it, the more it’s satisfying. I might list some songs that were hits in a given year, which you could find elsewhere. So, I try to explain why I think those songs captured the public attention and are interesting, weird, or disquieting. 

“Socrates famously said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ Both psychoanalysts and philosophers are committed to examining and giving meaning to human experiences. By keeping a sense of wonder alive, we are all engaged in thinking about how we might live and what makes life worth living.”

Keep learning

I come to an issue with my history and my biases. But I try to leave room for the possibility that there is another way to think about a topic. At the turn of the past millennium, I worried that perhaps Black History Month, which sometimes became hoary recitations about Rosa Parks and  MLK, Jr., was not all that interesting.

But a quarter century ago, I didn’t know about Tulsa or Wilmington or the Red Summer. Or pilot Bessie Coleman,  the women in Hidden Figures, or half the people on this list.  So, the movement to stifle people learning about this history because someone might feel bad about racism confounds me. (One is SUPPOSED to feel bad about racism, IMNSHO.)

To some degree, I see this in a theological light. There’s something called the liturgy, which the church gets through a portion of the Bible every three years. The idea is that you’ll hear scripture from 36 months earlier and, because of your lived experiences, perceive it in a new way. “Love your neighbor as yourself” might mean your friends and family in one reading, but you might cast a wider net in a subsequent perusal.

Returning to some mythical “good old days” is unappealing. Maybe you want the US in 1984 when the country won many medals at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles (because the Soviet bloc boycotted in response to the West’s refusal to participate in Moscow in 1980.) But would you want to go back to 1984 technology?

Writing this blog is an education to me. I hope it’s of some use to you as well, at now and then.

A Steely Dan song

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  1. Congratulations! This blog is an education to me as well. You highlight things that I may have missed and give me perspective on a variety of things. Most of all, you have thoroughly entertained me. I am very grateful!

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