Songs: All Night Long

or All Nite Long

In response to a query, I’ve checked Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles, 1955-2018, and discovered several songs entitled All Night Long, which are not covers but are said to be distinctly different. I found two more in Whitburn’s Pop Memories, 1890-1954.

I’ve never heard of most of them.

Ada Jones and Billy Murray, #7 in 1913

Faith Evans, #9 in 1999, was also #3 RB for two weeks. The track features Puff Daddy and samples “I Hear Music In The Streets” by Unlimited Touch.

Joe Walsh, #19 in 1980

Rusty Bryant, #25 in 1954; “This rockin’ ‘live’-sounding performance of the famous Jimmy Forrest tune by jazz saxman Bryant was first issued in 1953 on the Carolyn label under the title ‘Nite Train,’ but was later picked up by Dot and retitled ‘All Nite Long’ for their 1954 reissue.” This song is familiar. 

Sandy Nelson, #75 in 1962. Also familiar.

Billy Squier, #75 in 1984. Co-produced by Jim Steinman

Jo Stafford, #99 in 1956

Mary Jane Girls, #101 in 1983

Rainbow, #110 in 1980

Demi Lovato, #124 in 2011

Jerry Lee Lewis, classic in 1957


The best-known version is more accurately called All Night Long (All Night)

Lionel Richie, #1 in 1983. It went from #14 to #7 on October 15, then to #5, #3, and #2. Then, it switched places with Islands In The Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton on November 12, staying at #1  until it was supplanted by Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. It remained in the Top 10 through the January 7, 1984 charts.  

Arthur wrote about this song last year, from which I shall purloin the following:

“The official music video was produced by Mike Nesmith (formerly of The Monkees and an extensive solo career.) It was directed by American film director Bob Rafelson who was also a creator of The Monkees TV series….

“All Night Long (All Night)” reached Number One in Australia, Number One in Canada (Platinum), 4 in New Zealand, 2 in the UK (Platinum), and Number One on the USA’s “Billboard Hot 100” [for four weeks], “Hot Black Singles” [for seven weeks], and “Adult Contemporary” [for four weeks] charts, as well as Number One on Cash Box “Top 100”; it was certified Gold in the USA.

Then there is the spelling variation on the theme, All Nite Long, none of which received much chart action on the pop, country, RB, or AC charts.

Billy Vaughn, #102 in 1959. This IS the same tune as the Rusty Bryant song!

Robert Parker, #113 in 1959

A.L.T., #121 in 1994 – parental advisory

There are also at least four songs called All Night, an All Nite, and an  All Nite (Don’t Stop).

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