A song that’s a cover version

I have LOTS of cover albums.

CovervilleThe next musical prompt is: “A song you like that’s a cover by another artist.” A cover version is “a new performance or recording by someone other than the original artist or composer of a previously recorded, commercially released song.”

I’m a very big fan of the podcast Coverville with over 1250 shows. “Listen to music so good, you’ll feel like you’re cheating on the original versions!”

I have LOTS of cover albums, including of Aerosmith, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Richard Thompson, Elektra records, and Motown, among many others. I own at least two dozen albums of just Beatles covers, including re-creations of most of the Fab Four output.

There are those songs you never knew were covers – well, YOU knew – such as the obvious classics: Hurt – Cash, Respect – QoS, and All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix.

Listen to:
Strawberry Letter #23 – Brothers Johnson (#5 pop. #1 RB in 1977); OA: Shuggie Otis (1971)
Remove This Doubt – Elvis Costello (1995); OA: the Supremes (1966- b-side of You Keep Me Hangin’ On)
Every Little Thing (He) Does Is Magic – Shawn Colvin (1994); OA: the Police (She- #3 for two weeks in 1981)
Got to Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind, and Fire (#9 pop, #1 RB in 1978); OA: the Beatles (1966; #7 in 1976)

Baby, Now That I Found You – Alison Krauss (#49 CW in 1995); OA, The Foundations (#11 pop, #33 RB in 1968)
The Mercy Seat – Johnny Cash (2000); OA: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1988)
Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now – Van Halen (1982); OA: Margaret Young, accompanied by Rube Bloom (1924).
Jump – Aztec Camera (1984); OA: Van Halen (#1 for five weeks in 1984)
Spanish Harlem – Aretha Franklin, #2 for two weeks pop, #1 for three weeks RB in 1971 OA: Ben E. King, #10 pop, #15 RB in 1961
My Heart – Audra McDonald (2006) OA: Neil Young and Crazy Horse (1994)

All chart action from Billboard (US); RB – rhythm and blues/soul; CW – country
OA – original artist

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T is for Title songs for pop albums that have no title songs

You Can Dance is the opening phrase of the Madonna song Get Into the Groove and the title of a dance compilation album of her songs.

So I had this bright idea of writing this trial balloon of a post elsewhere and post the completed item here. Ah, but I got no responses to the core question, though I DID think of another, VERY obvious example.

There is this song called Magnet and Steel by a guy named Walter Egan that was a Top 10 song in 1978. I liked it, as it had a certain stroll feeling. Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, the newish and commercially successful additions to Fleetwood Mac, sing on the chorus, BTW. I bought the album Not Shy, on vinyl – still have it, in fact – and realized that Magnet & Steel served as a quasi-title song for the album. The line in the chorus, “With you, I’m not shy,” is sung several times.

This got me to wondering: what other songs functionally serve as the title song, but are not the actual title of the album? That is, the title of the album appears in the lyric of the song? Note: only the first batch have links to the songs.

Brain Damage by Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon, possibly the most famous. Continue reading “T is for Title songs for pop albums that have no title songs”