Act like a pirate day 2015

andrew-mccutchenA heart condition hasn’t gotten in the way of Sean Campbell’s love of baseball. “He gets a day full of surprises from his favorite player, Andrew McCutchen.” The Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder “has worked with Make-A-Wish previously, having teamed up with them to give 12-year-old Matthew Beichner a tour of the team’s home field last year, after he signed a one-day contract with the team.”

BTW, the Pirates have a very good chance of making it to the playoffs this year.

ARRRR at Saratoga

From Daily Kos, June 2015:

Iceland has long been one of the more right-leaning Nordic countries… [In 2013], the right-leaning Independence and Progressive parties regained power in a landslide.

So it comes as a massive shock that the last few months of polling has shown the incumbent coalition hemorrhaging support not to the center-left Social Democrats or to the left-wing Left-Green Movement, but to the nascent Pirate Party, which has surged into the lead in public opinion polls due to dissatisfaction with the mainstream parties…

Even though Iceland is a tiny country, if just one nation changes its copyright laws and tries to fight the international copyright regime, it could have significant consequences given the ways that the Internet has worn down national borders. This election isn’t until April of 2017 at the latest…
Muppet dramatic reading of A Pirate’s Life for Me.

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