Actor Richard Gere turns 70

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle

Richard GereI’ve only seen a fraction of the films of actor Richard Gere. I’ve missed some iconic roles. These are what I HAVE seen, all in cinemas, and none of them since the initial viewing:

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) – this starred Diane Keaton as a school teacher Theresa trying to overcome her repressed upbringing and her body issues by going out to clubs. Gere is Tony, a controlling jerk who turns her on to cocaine. Keaton received the Best Actress Oscar that year for Annie Hall, but I’ve long thought it was the range of the two roles that won her the award.

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) – a directionless Zack (Gere) has to work hard to get through Naval Officer Candidate School, with a tough Gunnery Sergeant (Louis Gossett Jr.) pushing him and his new girlfriend Paula (Debra Winger) supporting him. I remember mostly the sergeant running Zack ragged, and that last scene where Zack in his Navy whites scoops up Paula from a factory floor. Schmaltzy, if I recall correctly, but I enjoyed it anyway.
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Pretty Woman (1990) – I saw this at the Madison Theater in Albany; there was a lengthy line. Apparently, the story of the businessman Edward meeting prostitute Vivian (Julia Roberts) was supposed to be darker. Vivian was supposed to be coming off a cocaine addiction. But director Garry Marshall went a different way. Improbable, but I enjoyed it at the time.
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Runaway Bride (1999) – “A reporter is assigned to write a story about a woman who has left a string of fiances at the altar.” If Pretty Woman worked with the team of Ricard Gere, Julia Roberts, and Garry Marshall, this should too, right? Well, no. It was flat and generally unfunny.

Chicago (2002) – A movie that’s the exception to the rule that the musical film is dead. I liked it quite a bit, and in particular, Gere’s slimy lawyer Billy Flynn.
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The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015) – a sequel definitely inferior to the 2012 original. Yet the latter film was passingly enjoyable, enhanced by the addition of Gere’s character, Guy Chambers

Gere Visits Migrants Stranded In The Mediterranean Sea

March Rambling: mostly about me

I’ve been Superman, Abraham Lincoln, and a Georgia O’Keefe painting.

My old buddy Augustus (who you FantaCo customers might have known as Matt), put this together for my birthday. Pic on the left is from the cover of the FantaCon 1988 convention program, drawn by the late Chas Balun. The image is on the right was John Hebert’s rendition from Sold Out #1, c. 1986.
This is about me because: It was so cool. And he wrote: “Thank you for turning me on to a world of literature far beyond science fiction and fantasy. Your are still an influence on this boychik. Long may you arrange. (books in order).” And you thought I couldn’t blush.

Now Jaquandor KNOWS how to celebrate my birthday. He added me to his sentential links here. He answered my question about football.
This is about me, obviously. (Sidebar: some highly educated person wrote “As is my want” recently in a mass e-mail I received. You have NO idea how difficult it was for me NOT to correct him. Jaquandor would NOT make this misteak, er, mistake.)

Tom Skulan of FantaCo is being interviewed for Theater of Guts.
This is about me because: I worked at FantaCo for over eight years I took the photo of Tom, and also the pic of the late Chas Balun looking towards the ceiling. I find it interesting that my photos of the store Continue reading “March Rambling: mostly about me”

April Rambling: Ads about Rape, and Media

“To be able to catch genius when it’s just beginning, just starting out; when it’s in its embryonic form, or in its very nest. It’s an unforgettable experience.”

In response to her strong poem, Reflector Babe, Amy at Sharp Little Pencil received a link from Anna at HyperCRYPTIcal. It is to a UK ad considered the most shocking ad ever? Rape campaign aimed at teens to be shown. It’s sexually explicit (no ‘bits’ are shown), but it is powerful. This could not air in the US, I’m fairly certain, but the problem it addresses is very much an issue here.

What the New Sgt Pepper Cover Tells Us About Modern Britain.

And speaking of the UK, How news coverage evolves. Imagine how the Guardian “might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion.”
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The Lydster, Part 97: One Surprise After Another

The Daughter always seemed to have far fewer birthday parties with her friends than most of her classmates. Oh, there would be the gatherings with family, including her maternal grandparents, and usually a pair of her cousins and an uncle and aunt. But it has been unbalanced. Once a couple years ago, we did a party at the State Museum with her friends, but that was it.

She indicated a few months ago that she wanted a surprise party; not sure why. But we decided to make it so. First, we had a little gathering the weekend before her birthday with her mom, dad, and grandparents, so she didn’t think we’d blown her off. Then we rented a room at the local bowling alley for a couple hours.

The morning of the party Continue reading “The Lydster, Part 97: One Surprise After Another”

Random People with Birthdays on March 7

1953 Roger Green, librarian, blogger

Pictured: Franco Harris and Lynn Swann (with Terry Bradshaw), Hall of Famers all, from the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers

1980 Laura Prepon, actress
1974 Jenna Fisher, actress
1970 Rachel Weisz, actress
1968 Jeff Kent, baseball infielder
1968 Ricky Proehl, NFL wide receiver
1967 Zheng Haixia, WNBA center (Los Angeles Sparks)
1966 Jeff Feagles, NFL punter
1966 Mel Rojas, baseball pitcher
1965 Steve Beuerlein, NFL quarterback
1964 Wanda Sykes, comedian
1962 Taylor Dayne, singer
1961 Mary Beth Evans, actress
1960 Ivan Lendl, tennis pro
1960 Joe Carter, baseball outfielder
1954 Matt Frenette, rock drummer ( Loverboy) Continue reading “Random People with Birthdays on March 7”