Caitlyn Jenner turns 70

Kardashians? Oy

Caitlyn Jenner
per the Kalamazoo (MI) Public Library
In the spring of 2019, my church had a forum about transgender people, featuring a panel of a half dozen people of a variety of ages and ethnicities who shared their experiences. It was quite remarkable, and in the political climate, rather brave.

One of them discussed an attempt to explain something to a relative. The relative said, “Like Caitlyn Jenner?” “Yes.” So I guess Caitlyn’s very public transformation was helpful in clarifying the subject to the masses. (BTW, there are no good synonyms or antonyms for “transgender” in the dictionary.)

I’ll admit that I was mortified when I discovered then-Bruce Jenner was involved with the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I find explaining Kardashians very difficult, except to say they are the American royalty of self-promotion. They’re collectively very good at it, making oodles of money and becoming trendsetters.

Kristen Mary Kardashian (née Houghton) had four children – Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Robert – with her first husband, O.J. Simpson defense lawyer Robert Kardashian. They divorced in 1991, and he died in 2003. Kris then married Bruce Jenner in 1991, and they had two daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

Breakfast of Champions

Bruce Jenner won the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, which dubbed him as “an all-American hero” and “world’s greatest athlete.” He was on the Wheaties box, which I surely purchased frequently, and was the cereal’s spokesman from 1977 to 1984.

Bruce appeared on six episodes of the TV show CHiPS and did some other TV and film projects. He was even a Playgirl cover model.

Perhaps being a well-known athlete then a reality star helped when describing the transition. Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer on April 24, 2015, in a highly anticipated interview. That was the year he got divorced from Kris.

In 2018, Caitlyn Jenner admitted to being quite naive about the current regime. Maybe because of appearances on The Apprentice, she thought the guy in the WH would be more supportive of LGBTQ+ people, which has not proved to be the case except for some lip service.

Caitlyn Jenner turns 70 today.

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