Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates turns 70

She’s Gone by Hall and Oates was the last song played

hall-and-oates-voicesA sea change seems to have taken place regarding Dayrl Hall and John Oates. Once scorned as too commercial – they WERE the most commercially successful duo ever – they were FINALLY nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and were elected on their first, delayed shot.

I’ve had affection for Hall & Oates for a long while. I own a few of their early LPs, such as Abandoned Luncheonette and Voices. According to one of those VH1 “Where are they now” specials, which I saw a couple years ago, some folks though they were gay, based on the Voices cover. Though they were not, it was not something they rushed out to fix.

Listening to these again, I’m fascinated how long it takes for the vocals to come up, a ’60s DJ’s dream. Good thing they came out later.

My favorite Daryl Hall songs, most, but not all, with John Oates, with links to all songs. Chart references are to Billboard. Continue reading “Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates turns 70”

Sacred Songs by Daryl Hall

There were two obvious candidates for a single from Sacred Songs, the first two songs on the album.

Recorded in 1977, released in 1980
My old blogging buddy Johnny Bacardi was on Facebook, and I could see that he was on Spotify, one of those online music channels. He was listening to a song called ‘North Star’ by Robert Fripp [LISTEN], a founder of my favorite “progressive rock” band, King Crimson. The vocal, though, was, unmistakably, by Daryl Hall of the very successful singing duo Hall & Oates.

This got me to wonder what the relationship was between that song and the Daryl Hall solo album Sacred Songs, produced by Fripp, an LP which I own and love.

Sacred Songs has a complicated history. Continue reading “Sacred Songs by Daryl Hall”