Music Throwback Saturday: Soulful Strut

Dusty Springfield recorded a cover version of Am I The Same Girl.

BarbaraAcklinA variation on this happens a LOT to me.

One librarian starts humming this tune to me; he thinks it was performed by a singer, such as Lisa Stansfield. I recognize it instantly as a long-ago instrumental, but cannot place it.

Another librarian sends me a clip of the music, as background to a vulgar Howard Stern rant. Yup, it’s THAT song.

I am notoriously bad at remembering the titles of pop-music instrumentals. Obviously, there are no lyrics to hook onto – but if there is a single word, such as Tequila by the Champs – THAT I can remember.

Finally, I send the Stern clip to Times Union blogger, and trivia buff Chuck Miller, and he identifies it as Soulful Strut by Young-Holt Unlimited. That track got to #3 on both the pop chart and the soul chart in early 1969.

It was also the frame for a song called Am I The Same Girl, originally done by Barbara Acklin, whose original version got to #79 in 1969. In fact, Soulful Strut was the instrumental backing track to the Acklin song. Dusty Springfield recorded a cover version of Am I The Same Girl that same year.

The song gained new life in 1992 when Swing Out Sister covered Am I The Same Girl. It only reached #45 on the pop charts, and it got some airplay in my neck of the woods. But I don’t think I had heard it, probably listening to Nirvana or something.

This story should further explain the brain of the librarian, and the desireNEED to know.

Listen to

Am I the Same Girl – Barbara Acklin HERE or HERE

Soulful Strut – Young-Holt Unlimited HERE or HERE

Am I The Same Girl- Dusty Springfield HERE or HERE

Am I The Same Girl- Swing Out Sister HERE or HERE

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