30-Day Challenge: Day 24-Something Embarrassing In Your Room

There are squares of odd colors on the walls. Am I embarrassed?

Nothing. Damn, this could have been a REALLY short post. But…

OK, there may be dirty clothes on the floor at times, or maybe the bed’s unmade. But embarrassing?

I have a stuffed bear in my room named Gunther and a monkey named Oscar. Sometimes they talk to me. Am I embarrassed? I am not.

OK, let’s go around the house, find something REALLY embarrassing. Well, the office is a mess right now, and this time, it’s mostly MY fault. The guest room is actually LESS messy than it used to be.

My wife had great expectations about painting the entire first floor this summer; she got through one room. So in the other rooms, there are squares of odd colors on the walls. Embarrassing? Heck, no; adds character to the house.

The kitchen has a motif that was probably dated when it was done in the 1970s. Embarrassed? Obviously, you don’t know me well.

There IS something perhaps mildly embarrassing in the upstairs bathroom, which is the crumbling tiles, but they’re covered up; what you can’t see can’t embarrass me.

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