Al Easton, RIP

a tenor

Al Easton was a life actuary in his working days, a demanding designation to receive, as I understand it. As his obituary noted, he was very accomplished in his field. 

One might think, as a result, he’d be a quiet and reserved sort; this was not true. My wife told me that actuaries have among the most significant job satisfaction rates, which this article seems to confirm. Al was almost always a joyful man with a seriously whimsical streak.

He was very competent when he was treasurer at our church for several years, keeping precise details on how well the member pledges were keeping up. Yet, even when he gave those fiscal annual reports, he did so not in a dry and dull manner but with a certain panache and a twinkle in his eyes.


Al was very musical. At various events, he might pull out his guitar and play tunes. He sang tenor in our church choir and other organizations and was highly regular in attendance, as was his late wife, Susan, before she died in 2022. 

Al and I were also part of the Tuesday edition of the Bible Guys. He could be quite insightful. At the same time, he might be pretty funny, often when one wasn’t expecting it. This was a good trait to have as we attempted to slog through some of those Old Testament bloodbaths. It could be a corny joke or an insightful aside.

Al died of prostate cancer, which several famous men, including Jerry Orbach, succumbed to. It also killed my father, which is why I get my PSA checked regularly.  

I like this line in the obituary: “While Al was very successful in business, his joys in life were his family, his faith, fellowship, folk songs, and fireworks-somewhere in that order…

“Funeral services will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 3:00 p.m., at First Presbyterian Church, 362 State Street, Albany, N.Y. ” Of course, I will be singing in the choir because that’s what choir people do.

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