Honest Weight Food Coop: a very interesting email from Ken Von Geldern

State and federal law are clear that the rules governing member-worker cooperatives are different than those that govern most businesses.

(This will be of limited interest to you folks outside of the Albany area, I’m afraid.)
To all Honest Weight Food Co-op members,

I’m sending this email to inform you and every member of the co-op, especially all working members, about what’s going on at the co-op, and what will be coming up in the near future. I encourage you to read this and forward it to all your friends and acquaintances who work at the co-op. The reason for this is that we (a group of working members) are not able to get a list of working members, so we haven’t been able to send out this information directly to members. We are having to rely on personal word-of-mouth, flyering at the co-op, and a website, to disseminate this information.

Here is an update about what’s been happening in the recent period:

–At the membership meeting on June 29, the co-op’s voting (working) members were presented with a proposal by the Board of Directors to reduce the discounts received by working members. After some discussion about the co-op’s financial situation, and many suggestions from members on how to improve it, the members rejected the proposal by a vote of about 3 to 1. We also voted down the proposed yearly budget. There was some discussion at this meeting about the suggestion to grant voting rights to non-working members (people who have bought a share, but do not work, and get a 2% discount). (FYI: There are about 1200 working members at the co-op, and about 10,000 non-working share-holders.)

–At the Board of Directors meeting of July 7, the Board “resolved that its fiduciary responsibilities to the
Co-op would require modification, in consultation with the membership, of the current member labor program.” Continue reading “Honest Weight Food Coop: a very interesting email from Ken Von Geldern”

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