Random thoughts on life in the now

Altering their path

face maskIn the now, I have three homemade masks that I rotate. I had preferred to pick a color that would make me look less sinister to the general population than the dark brown one. Unfortunately, it was the one that fits me best.

This is a function of the fact that, apparently, I have a big head. No, I don’t mean I’m conceited. I mean my pate is large.

I first realized this as a kid when caps were often tight. Then when I graduated from high school, I was told my cap size was 7 7/8, which I gather is unusual. My cap was actually pinned into place. Then when I had to take it off for the national anthem, I couldn’t really get it back on.

I venture out infrequently enough that I forget to put on the mask until I’m on the front porch and then lock the door. And I need the mask to protect me from the folks who neither physically distance or wear their own masks. The worse are the runners, who not only don’t wear masks but just CANNOT alter their path for any reason.

The very few times I’ve gone into a building since mid-March was into a convenience store. It REALLY needed arrows on the floor because the queue to the counter was in the same direction as the exit.

The one thing I HATE waiting for? People buying lottery tickets. It’s not that I oppose folks wasting their money on them. It’s that they spend a lot of time speaking a language I simply do not understand. “Box” something or other, and the purchase seems to take forever, even pre-COVID.


My wife said recently that she was going to a Zoom meeting for school. In fact, it was a WebEx webinar. She unnecessarily apologized for her imprecision. I’m fascinated that Zoom has become the genericized term for all of those electronic meetups such as Google Hangout. The newer technology may have filled the linguistic slot that the much older technology Skype used to hold.

As a big advocate of mass transportation, it’s weird to note that I haven’t been on a Capital District Transportation Authority bus since Thursday, March 12. This is true even though one now enters the rear of the vehicle. When I had to get bloodwork, we took the car.

Like many people, I’m having vivid dreams. They’re not usually nightmarish. Sometimes they’re so intense, I’m convinced for several minutes afterward that the events actually took place.

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