July rambling: the most peaceful

Forever Chemicals

For the 13th year in a row, Iceland ranks as the most peaceful country in the world, according to the Institute for Economics & Peace’s annual Global Peace Index (GPI). The United States? We’re #131!

At Least 45 Percent of US Tap Water Contaminated With PFAS  “Forever Chemicals” – So far, the scale of contamination in local water systems and private wells outpaces detection and cleanup efforts.

For Your Safety: What to Know about Door Knock Journalism

Facing extinction, Tuvalu considers the digital clone of a country

Oklahoma judge dismisses Tulsa race massacre reparations case filed by last known survivors

The displacement of homeowners to build Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine

Jan. 6 suspect arrested near Obama’s house after Trump posts the address

Hunter Biden, and why he did not get a sweetheart deal

US Senate confirms first female Muslim federal judge in US history. Civil rights attorney Nusrat Choudhury was confirmed this week to the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York after the Senate voted 50-49 mostly along party lines. Choudhury also makes history as the first Bangladeshi American to serve as a federal judge.

Other courts continue to make news.Tributes to Alan Arkin, Virtuoso Comic Actor With a Serious Side, Who Died at 89

“It isn’t fair, it isn’t right” – the 75th anniversary of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

The Man Who Broke Bowling: Jason Belmonte’s two-handed technique made him an outcast. Then it made him the greatest—and changed the sport forever.

Now I Know: Minecraft 1, Censorship 0 and The Cold War’s Most Important Hot Dog Stand and North Korea’ Crappy Way to Feed People and The Record Setting Olympian Who Was Lost to History and When Exercise Was Actually Torture

Moms for “Liberty”

USA Today has a pretty straightforward piece about the so-called Moms for Liberty, and how djt, DeSantis,  Nikki Haley et al. found it necessary to pay homage. As Kareem Abdul-Jabbar noted. M4L “aren’t supporting liberty but taking away the liberty of those they oppose.”

“Our children belong to the Lord, not the government,” declared Patriot Mobile spokeswoman Leigh Wambsganss. “This is not a political war, it is a spiritual war!”

As the Weekly Sift guy observes: “An authoritarian world with clear rules and clear categories comes with an implicit promise of safety for those who obey and conform. So that nonbinary kid on the subway whose gender you can’t quite identify — it’s not that they’re going to attack you themselves. It’s that they represent a crack in the ‘safe’ world order, a manifestation of Chaos. And as those cracks grow, who can predict what demons will spill into the world?”

Of course, obedience and conformity are the exact opposite of the Liberty the group is supposed to stand for. But I guess Moms For Obedience and Conformity just doesn’t have the same ring.”Also, Kareem also notes how Ron D’s “campaign has decided to abandon any pretense of rational arguments and embrace open hatred and contradictory messaging.” I hate it when I agree with djt, but Ron DeSanctimous is about right.


Peter Sprague Plays Guinnevere featuring Rebecca Jade

At Broadway Backwards 2023, Les Misérables’ inspiring anthem  One Day More was set among a modern-day, ragtag group of activists preparing for an equality march in Washington.

Jolene – the PFC Band

Coverville 1447: Cover Stories for Colin Hay of Men at Work, and George Michael & Wham! and  1448: Cover Stories for The Seekers/New Seekers and Bill Withers

The Annotated “Stars and Stripes Forever”

Increase and Multiply – dropped from 1776

Both Sides Now – Annie Lennox (Live at Gershwin Prize 2023)

June and Hey, Bulldog – the Mona Lisa Twins

Light My Fire– Big Daddy

Helene’s Theme from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Distiny by John WilliamsDo We Really Need Christian Lofi? Even when it comes to ambient mood music, there’s no such thing as secular. (No, I was unfamiliar with the Lofi term.)


Wings by Jessica KantrowitzThere is a fence to keep us in and a fence to keep us outand there are gatekeepers and those who debate the requirements for entry or exitBut you and I, my friend we are birds we have wings.

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