The Lydster: her favorite music

Haschak Sisters: Madison, Gracie, Sierra and Olivia

pentatonixWAY back in the JUNE Ask Roger Anything, Tom the Mayor queried:

Who is Lydia’s favorite singer? I broadened it to ask her about her favorite music.

In response to the question, she initially gave me five artists [links to most]

Beatles: I have no idea why she’d even THINK of them. Giving her that #1s CD when she was five paid off.

Help, which we’ve sung together, and which she and a classmate sang together in church
We Can Work It Out, especially the bridge
Strawberry Fields Forever, which she has danced to at church
Good Night, which I used to sing to her pretty much from when she was born until she was about six, and I put on a mixed CD for her even before she was born.

Pentatonix: her first favorite group she discovered on her own. They do mostly a capella covers of popular songs that I had never heard before.

Can’t Hold Us
Rather Be

OK Go: I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed their videos

Upside Down & Inside Out
The Writing’s On the Wall

Haschak Sisters: Madison, Gracie, Sierra, and Olivia. Their parents had a daughter every two years.

I Wanna Dance
Girls Rule The World

Jon Cozart: I’ve seen him before, on Mark Evanier’s page. He sings with himself quite often.

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds
After Ever After

Then she realized she’d left off another favorite:

Weird Al Yankovic, who she discovered not from me, but from her cousins in the summer of 2015, while they were all at the home of the grandparents

Word Crimes
First World Problem
I Lost on JEOPARDY! , and she’s never going to let me live that down

Of course, she has individual songs by other artists that she’d identify as her favorite music as well

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