Human Metrics QUESTION

Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

One of my sisters sent me a link to this website, which has a series of Human Metrics tests. For instance:

Carl Jung classified people using three criteria:
Extraversion – Introversion
Sensing – Intuition
Thinking – Feeling
Isabel Briggs Myers added a fourth criterion, Judging-Perceiving.
The first letters of the different combinations of the four criteria denote a type formula. For example:
ISTJ – Introvert Sensing Thinking Judging
Upon completing Jung Typology Test you will obtain your type formula, strengths of the preferences, and the type description. It may help you to identify your lifestyle in general and with respect to the specific areas of activity. You will also obtain the list of the most suitable career choices based on your personality, along with some educational institutions where you can receive a relevant degree or training.

Well, I’ve taken these tests before, but I gave it another shot.

Your Type is
Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving
Strength of the preferences %
44 12 62 44

Qualitative analysis of your type formula
You are:
moderately expressed introvert
slightly expressed sensing personality
distinctively expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed perceiving personality

I tell people I’m basically introverted, but few of them believe me.

How did you fare on this or similar tests, or any of the other ones offered up?


Let’s talk about me

So what two characteristics do you think are most like me?

Of course, everything in this blog, one way or another, is about me.

But I admit to being utterly fascinated by tests that supposedly explain me. For instance, at my last work conference, the speaker gave us a test to see what our individual communication styles are. The choices were:

Driver (dominant, bottom line, panther)
Expressive (influencing, needs interaction, peacock)
Amiable (steady, wants nice & fair, dolphin)
Analytical (careful, detailed, owl)

So what two characteristics do you think are most like me?
Take your cursor over the info below and block it to read. I’ll also put these in the answers 24 hours from now.

I picked expressive and analytical.

The test picked amiable (48 points), expressive (39); analytical got 10 points, and driver got 1..


OH, and if you want the code for whiting out the text, let me know that too.

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