Would you Rather? Sunday Stealing

Barenaked Ladies

ratherFor this Sunday Stealing, Would you Rather?

1. Would you rather eat pizza every day or never eat pizza again?

Pizza, and pie generally, is so variable that I could have pizza daily. White broccoli today, sausage and mushrooms tomorrow. Heck, I’ll even try pineapple!

In fact, this New York Times article recommends you get a good plain pie. “You might dress a green salad and arrange it over the pie, or fry a bunch of eggs and slide them on top. You could examine your refrigerator as you might in advance of making a charcuterie board, and use what cured meats and interesting cheeses you have to adorn the sauce. Sautéed spinach on your pizza? Chinese sausage? Pickled jalapeños? Honey and red-pepper flakes? Sure. Whatever you like. “

2. Would you rather stay forever at your current age or be 10 years younger?

I could stand being my current age forever because Science will be able to fix my various ailments, if not now then in the future.

3. Would you rather have too many friends or too few?

Too many, clearly, though the word “friend” can be pretty fuzzy. I have 2000 “friends” on Facebook. A few of them who interact with me I consider friends, even if I have never met them. A LOT of them were friends in the past, and. absent some major blowout, they still matter to me.


4. Would you rather have no taste buds or be blind?

No taste buds. Maybe then I can eat canned beets without gagging. In fact, you should watch “Sad COVID Boy Hank Green Eats Foods He Hates but Can’t Taste,” because there are things he generally hates, such as black licorice, that he likes because he can’t smell them, which, of course, is a huge part of taste.

5. Would you rather never hear music again or lose the ability to read?

Now we have a tough one. Lose the ability to read because I would listen to audiobooks. Not listening to music, OTOH, would not be a life worth living.

6. Would you rather speak “whale” or read babies’ minds?

I don’t know that anyone should want to read babies’ minds. Where is the joy and frustration of parenting in THAT?

7. Would you rather be the richest person or the smartest?

Clearly, the smartest, because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to know more stuff.

8. Would you rather create history or delete it?

People spend way too much time trying to delete history, to our collective detriment; I’m agin it. So make history, for sure.

A Picasso or a Garfunkel

9. Would you rather create a great piece of art and not get credit or get credit for a piece of art you didn’t create?

The moral choice is obvious to me. I could stand to be uncredited. I could NOT bear to take credit for something I didn’t create.

10. Would you rather age from the neck up, or from the neck down?

The neck up. There’s more below the neck that hurts.

11. Would you rather see the world but live in poverty or stay in one place and live rich?

See the world; that’s an enriching experience.

12. Would you rather become famous or powerful?

Powerful. I think being famous would kind of suck.

13. Would you rather be a creative person or a technical person?

Hmm. I’m mildly creative, more than a technical person, so creative.

14. Would you rather get a paper cut whenever you touch paper or bit your tongue whenever you eat something?

Easy. Paper cuts. I can avoid paper but not eating.

15. Would you rather wake up in the morning looking like a giraffe or a kangaroo?

Kangaroo. I’m reminded of the Randy Newman song Political Science. “We’ll save Australia. Don’t want to hurt no kangaroos.”

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