Sunday Stealing: League

a scar

This week’s Sunday Stealing is called League because it was stolen, once again, from the  League of Extraordinary Penpals.

1. My favorite sources for delicious recipes

I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook. The one downside is that it calls for certain-sized cans or boxes, but shrinkflation has altered them. For instance, a lasagna recipe suggests 32-ounce cans of sauce, but now they come in 28 ounces.

2. If I had to repeat a day over & over, how I’d want it to go

It would involve writing, doing genealogy, reading, watching JEOPARDY, and going to choir.

3. Who or what has saved my life

Possibly this blog. It has allowed me to clarify my thoughts. But also the community of bloggers because writing this merely for my improvement would be boring.

4. Something I can never seem to start or finish

Cleaning my office, which would be evident if you saw it.

5. How my taste in food has changed over the years

As a kid, I hated almost all vegetables. I actually like broccoli and several others now. But I now despise most canned vegetables. I tried canned spinach a few years ago, which I would eat as a kid, probably hypnotized by Popeye, and I found it VILE.  Give me fresh or if necessary, frozen. 

6. The last time I cried

I was undoubtedly listening to music. But they weren’t sad tears; they were happy tears. Maybe it was As by Stevie Wonder.

7. The best parts of human nature

I think most people want to help if they can.

8. Concepts and ideas that bend my mind

I’ve been watching a lot about Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used for good.  Or not. This 60 Minutes piece speaks to this.

9. What I’m most likely to ask for help with
Something technological
10. The story behind one of my scars

When I was three years old, I fell down the stairs between my grandparents’ place and ours. There is a scar below my lower lip where facial hair refuses to grow.

11. I’ve never said this out loud…

And I probably won’t write it down here, either.

12. Times I’ve been the leader/the one people count on

Black History Month at my church for at least a decade, being the one in my Bible group to make sure we have the Zoom link. I was in charge of the mail order, balancing the checkbook, and making the bank deposit when I worked at FantaCo, a comic book store, in the 1980s. Undoubtedly other things.


13. Whenever I see these people, my heart lights up

The choir people

14. With my financial needs met, here’s how I’d spend my time

Travel, doing genealogy.

15. The people I talk to when I want the truth
My OLD friends, most of whom I have written about in this blog over the past nine months.
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