Stolen from Sunday Stealing

free and unexpected


Sunday Stealing had these questions. But they were stolen. (Not to be confused with stollen.) And with any luck, someone will steal it from me.

The best story your parents or grandparents tell about the good ole days.

No obvious narrative comes to mind from my parents, ESPECIALLY my father, who I don’t believe thought in terms of the ole days being all that good. It’s probably a story from my maternal grandmother, usually about building X used to have business Y. I don’t know if the stories weren’t that engaging or if I was too impatient to hear them. Probably both.

Now, my mother did tell stories, like the red wig tale, but it wasn’t historic when she first told it, but contemporaneous. The oldest story I can recall involved me singing the ad for Pamper Shampoo, when I was a toddler, about which, of course, I have no recollection.

The best things in life are…

Both free and unexpected. My wife, my daughter, and I went to an ice cream place on Memorial Day. My wife was going to talk with a couple of people about who they should hire for a position. I just wasn’t that interested in being a part of that conversation. Fortunately, I saw a friend from my church I hadn’t talked with for months. They, their Significant Other, and I had a great conversation about information access, privacy, television, and much more. It was grand.

Guano crazy

Things that drive me batty

Broken politics. For instance, Congressman Chris Jacobs, a Republican from near the mass shooting in Buffalo supported a federal assault weapons ban and a limit on high-capacity magazines. A week later, threatened with a primary and a dressing down by DJT Jr, he’s no longer running for reelection.

The Boston Globe had a piece, What drives mass shooters? Grievance, despair, and anger are more likely triggers than mental illness, experts say. Yet mental health and schools that are more fortress-like are the only things Senate Minority Leader McConnell even mentions.

To that end, I’m reminded of this segment from the Daily Show, Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings.

A place I’d like to live and why

Here (Albany, NY). Given the vagueries of climate change, this, or similar settings are fine.

Simply the best

The best thing I’ve ever found

I’ve found some great books and CDs at discount stores and library sales.

The best thing that happened recently is…

My wife’s retirement party. despite not knowing most of the folks, I nevertheless had a decent time.  Or the wine-and-cheese art opening at the Pine Hills branch of the Albany Public Library, with music by the Albany High School Jazz Ensemble. Or talking with a friend for nearly two hours.  

I admire people who…

Are optimistic without being Pollyanna-like

What makes me special

I don’t think it’s a single thing. It’s the odd admixture that is me.

I am looking forward to…

My daughter going to college.

Things that scare me

The loss of American democracy, and all that entails.

Complaints I have

People who seem to believe the rules don’t apply to them because they are too busy or too important.

I could never live without…

Music. But you knew that.

Things that make me laugh

They tend to be situationally funny, often involving wordplay.

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