Some substitutes for title songs #5

Emmylou Harris, Heaven 17, and especially Amy Grant

peter gabriel.soThese are more substitutes for title songs. The album name appears as a lyric, but it’s not the title song. There is no actual title song, but these can be substituted. I’ve provided links when I could easily find them on YouTube.

Allelujah – Fairground Attraction. Album: The First of a Million Kisses Lyric: “And we’ll kiss the first of a million kisses.”

Emerald Eyes – Fleetwood Mac. Album: Mystery To Me. Lyric: “She’s still a mystery to me.”

Battle of Who Could Care Less – Ben Folds Five. Album: Whatever and Ever Amen. Lyrics: “General apathy and major boredom singing Whatever and ever Amen.”

Home – Foo Fighters. Album: Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, Lyrics: The echoes and silence, patience and grace All of these moments I’ll never replace.”
All My Life -Foo Fighters. Album: One By One. Lyrics: “All my life, I’ve been searching for something.”

Into the Sun – Roddy Frame. Album: Seven Dials. Lyrics: “So bury me at Seven Dials So my soul can never find its way back to where I kissed you.”

Good Grief – Frazier Chorus. EP: Monkey Spunk

Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit. Album: Painting of a Panic Attack. Lyrics: “A still life is the last I will see of you. A painting of a panic attack.”


Red Rain, Don’t Give Up, That Voice Again, In Your Eyes, Mercy Street, Big Time -Peter Gabriel. Album: SoLyrics.

Even Though Our Love Is Doomed – Garbage. Album – Strange Little Birds. Lyrics: “Such strange little birds devoured by our obsessions.”

Too Many Lovers – Crystal Gayle. Album: These Days. Lyrics: “These days too many lovers. These days not enough love.”

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight – Genesis. Album: Selling England By the Pound. Lyrics: “It seems he’s drowned; selling England by the pound.”

Vanilla Queen – Golden Earring. Album: Moontan. Lyrics: The secret of your beauty was your moontan and your fear.”

Radio King – Golden Smog. Album: Down By the Old Mainstream. Lyrics: Let’s go down together Down by the old mainstream.”

El Shaddai  – Amy Grant. Album: Age to Age. Lyrics: “Age to age you’re still the same.”
Fight – Amy Grant. Album: Unguarded. Lyrics: “I’ve made up my mind now, I don’t want to lose out (Unguarded)”
Baby, Baby  – Amy Grant. Album: Heart in Motion. Lyrics: “And ever since the day you put my heart in motion.”
Turn This World Around – Amy Grant. Album: Behind The Eyes. Lyrics: “We are all the same it seems Behind the eyes”

Here Comes Sunshine – Grateful Dead. Album: Wake of the Flood. Lyrics: “Wake of the flood, laughing water, forty-nine.”

Locomotive – Guns n’ Roses. Album: Use Your Illusion II. Lyrics: “You can use your illusion- Let it take you where it may.”


Trans Am (Highway Wonderland) – Sammy Hagar. Album: Street Machine. Lyrics: “Red on black, she’s a street machine.”

Before Believing – Emmylou Harris. Album: Pieces Of The Sky. Lyrics: “Pieces of the sky were falling in your neighbors’ yard”
Easy From Now On – Emmylou Harris. Album: Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town. Lyrics: “It’s a quarter moon in a ten-cent town.”

Radio Silence – Harvey Danger. Album: Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone.

Community of Hope  – PJ Harvey. Album: The Hope Six Demolition Project. Lyrics: “Here’s the Hope Six Demolition Project switching down the Benning Road.” This is a fascinating story.

How Wonderful You Are – Gordon Haskell. Album: Harry’s Bar. Lyrics: “Listen to the jazz in Harry’s bar.”

Vainglorious -Heart. Album: Jupiter’s Darling. Lyrics: “Jupiter’s darling standing in the ring.”

Key To The World – Heaven 17. Album: The Luxury Gap. Lyrics: “But trying to fill the luxury gap has pushed me to the brink.”
Five Minutes To Midnight – Heaven 17. Album: How Men Are. Lyrics: “You know how men are.”

Izabella– Jimi Hendrix. Album: First Rays of the New Rising Sun. Lyrics: “Girl, here comes the rays of the rising sun.” Live track substitute.


Adios to California – John Hiatt. Album: Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns. Lyrics: “Dirty jeans and mudslide hymns that all began with soon.”

Listening to the Higsons – Robyn Hitchcock. Album: Gotta Let This Hen Out. Lyrics: “Said “‘ gotta let this hen out And give this hen some eyeballs.'”

Boys Keep Swingin’  – Susanna Hoffs. Album: When You’re a Boy. Lyrics (first of many in the David Bowie cover) “Nothing stands in your way When you’re a boy.”

Stuck Between Stations and First Night – The Hold Steady. Album: Boys and Girls in America. Lyrics to the first: “Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together.”

Hello To Romance – The Hollies. Album: A Crazy Steal. Lyrics: “Such a crazy steal.”

Preacher In The Ring, Pt. 1 – Bruce Hornsby. Album: Spirit Trail. Lyrics: “Believers out shakin’ on the spirit trail.”

Wheels – Hunters and Collectors. Album: Jaws of Life. Lyrics: “Hadda spit the dummy do a Jaws of Life job.”

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