Another Hodgepodge from Sunday Stealing

Music and books: how predictable

amy hodgepodge.lost and foundHodgepodge is such a strange word. hodge·​podge ˈhäj-ˌpäj: a heterogeneous mixture: JUMBLE. “A hodgepodge of styles.” So here’s another hodgepodge from Sunday Stealing.

-What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Too tough! Here’s A favorite memory here.

-Do you sing in the shower?

Yes, often in harmony with the vocals I hear in my head.

-What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

I don’t think there’s a single item. The wealth of music and books that many people have given me over the years.

-Do you prefer being indoors or outdoors?

Indoors. Outdoors is hot and sticky in the summer, and I get wary of sunburn because of my vitiligo. Or it’s cold, as it is now, and I have difficulty getting warm enough. I like May and September outdoors, in general.

-Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My ex-girlfriend’s sister.

-What do you keep in your bag or handbag?

When I used my backpack more often, it often had my bus pass, masks, spare pair of sunglasses (because I tend to misplace them), a spare hat (ditto), and my bicycle lock.

-Can you knit?

No, and I can’t really sew. I’ve done it rarely, and usually, someone will look at my work and say, “Let me fix that.” So I’ve stopped even trying.

-How many hours do you sleep each night?

Seven. Usually three, then I wake up, play Wordle, and go back to bed.

Role models

-Who is your role model?

I have LOTS of role models for different aspects of life. The problem with having role models is that they are human. So someone could denigrate that choice for their human foibles. But I’ll pick Nelson Mandela after he was released from prison as A role model.

-Who was your first-ever pen pal?

I need to define what a pen pal is. Are we talking about someone I did not know before? Maybe I’ve never had one. But starting with going to college, I wrote many letters to my friends.

-What has been your favourite job so far?

No doubt, working at FantaCo, the comic book store I worked at from May of 1980 to November of 1988. 

-What is your favourite go-to recipe for mid-week meals?

I don’t think I have one that doesn’t involve a microwave. I like making lasagna, for instance, but it’s not quick and easy.

-How often do you eat in a restaurant?

Pre-COVID, 20 times a year. Now, maybe eight times a year.

-Are you close to your family?

It’s a small tribe. My wife, my daughter…

-Do you have any siblings?

I have two sisters who I talk with weekly on ZOOM. They each have one daughter.

-Which phone app could you not live without?

I’m an extremely late adopter. So I know that I could live without a cell phone altogether; I did it for years. On the other hand, OTHER people couldn’t cope; I was nagged about it repeatedly before I had a decent phone. Entities such as medical facilities practically require them to let them know you are coming or that you are there. My need is dealing with what the external world demands of me, not my internal need always to be connected.


-If you could afford to volunteer full-time for a charity, which would it be?

“Afford” is an interesting concept here. When I was working, I felt as though I didn’t have enough time to do all the things I wanted to do. Now that I’m retired, I spend some time doing tasks for the Friends and Foundation of the Albany Public Library (FFAPL). Also, I do some things for my church.

But here’s the thing: I don’t WANT to volunteer full-time for ANYTHING. I want to spend time reading, writing blog posts, seeing movies, working on genealogy, traveling, taking naps, et al. I don’t WANT to volunteer full-time for ANYTHING, despite how worthy, say, the programs of the FOCUS Churches are.

-Who is your favourite YouTuber?

It’s the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green (no relation), who are the ONLY YouTubers I can actually name.

-Have you ever been a bridesmaid or a groomsman?

Yes, at least four times. On successive weekends in October 1976 in two different upstate New York cities, in 1979 or 1980 and 2002.

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