Random memory of my father

My father and I took a car trip, just the two of us, from Binghamton to Lake George. I was 9 or 10 and was supposed to be the navigator, but we got off course, and we ran out of gas somewhere called Speculator, in the middle of nowhere. I thought Dad would get mad, but he took it all in stride. We walked along the road, and the stars in the sky were huge, as he pointed out. He stopped at someone’s house, got us enough gas to get to a gas station, and we went on to Lake George. Truth is, I don’t remember that much about Lake George, but I do remember the night before quite well.

My dad would have been 85 tomorrow.

Author: Roger

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  1. Memories eh Roger? My Dad taught me to drive – he had a pet hate of women drivers too. On one occasion when I was giving him a lift, the courtesy light was flashing. I asked him why – he said some fool had not shut the door properly – and proceeded to fall out the door! How I laughed! lol!

  2. Leslie Harold Green…85 years old 9/26/2011…thank you Roger for keeping up with our family and history of what we did and did not do…… It was interesting to hear the story about Lake George…but that was so much dad..something interesting happened..but more to the point we never knew how dad would react to an issue or problem..I have stories about dad getting lost on a trip and getting PISSED OFF…I have a memory of dad getting upset as he missed his turn off on the turnpike..he did not go on to the next turn off..he backed up and took his ext…That was the good bad and different of our father…you just never knew how he would react…the good part was that he did have many adventures..I think that dad wanted to show us so many sides of life and people..it just did not work out the way he would sometimes planned…Oh well dad we know that you are now in heaven and mom is with you…I know that your children and grandchildren love you very much..With the good and bad we I know that we are thankful for what you brought us…love you dad

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. My father died when I was a teenager, in 1960. The void has always been there, but I can remember him through wonderful memories which bring a smile to my face.

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