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hqdefaultOne of my favorite songs in college was I Got A Line On You, the first song on the second Spirit album The Family That Plays Together. I could have sworn I’d linked to it before, but can’t easily find it. It went to #25 on the Billboard charts in 1969.

I’ve had the band in mind since the heirs of the late Randy California, a/k/a Randy Craig Wolfe sued led Zeppelin in 2014 over the similarity between the Spirit song Taurus and LZ’s classic Stairway to Heaven.

The problem with Zeppelin was that the band was notorious for swiping other people’s songs Read the rest of this entry »

quote-the-trouble-with-normal-is-it-only-gets-worse-bruce-cockburn-73-7-0789In celebration of the 71st birthday of Bruce Cockburn (pronounced CO-burn) on May 25, I played the one compilation CD of his that I own. To call it a “greatest hits” would be stretching it, since he was not a commercial engine, though a well-regarded singer/songwriter, often covered, who’s been recording at least since 1970.

I DO have three of his LPs, his 9th through 11th, on vinyl, as it turns out, probably a function of hearing the songs on WQBK-FM, Q104 in Albany in the period. Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws (1978) features his one bona fide US hit, Wondering Where the Lions Are, which got up to #21 on the Billboard charts. I did not know this Read the rest of this entry »

Nation Wishes It Could Just Once Be Reminded Of Preciousness Of Life Without Mass Shooting.

Get Visual: On passing.

Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason.

NY Gov. Cuomo signs “unconstitutional, McCarthyite” pro-Israel exec. order punishing BDS boycott movement.

Chuck Miller: The Blackbird: 2006-2016.

John Oliver: Debt Buyers.

Dan Rather on a free press.

Dear Journalists: For the Love of God Read the rest of this entry »

right place wrong timeWhen I saw the new movie The Jungle Book, which I loved, I discerned the voice of Dr. John during the end credits instantly. My friend Jon said, “I’m not familiar with him.”

So I did my best whiskey-soaked vocal impression of his Right Place Wrong Time. It was recognized right away, both then and the next day as I retold this story. Despite him playing the music for well over a half century, that one song from over four decades ago is still remembered.

Malcolm (Mac) Rebennack, born on 20 November 1940 in New Orleans, and has worked as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and especially pianist since the late 1950s.
Read the rest of this entry »

Smile,_Darn_Ya,_Smile!For this one, blame fillyjonk. She had a post featuring, among other things, Billy Cotton singing Smile, Darn Ya, Smile from 1931, a song written by Charles O’Flynn, Jack Meskill, and Max Rich.

Also in that post, from that year, a character named Foxy – looking not dissimilar to Mickey Mouse – in an animated feature with the same name as the song. It was a Merrie Melodies cartoon Read the rest of this entry »

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