Oh, THAT story again

So I’m flicking through the channels last night, and I come across a shot of two women in the talking-heads side-by-side mode. The woman on the left I don’t know. The woman on the right is vaguely familiar. And isn’t that a NewsChannel 13 logo behind her, partially obscured? Why, yes, it is. The reporter is named Alison Bleck from NBC affiliate WNYT in Albany and she’s talking to MSNBC’s Rita Cosby about the Christian Brothers Academy teacher who allegedly had sex with underage male students. Oh, WHY is this not-worthy-of-national-news-coverage story on MSNBC? Because teacher was busted for DWI, a violation of her bail, and now she’s heading for jail.

Then I see Rita interviewing David Soares, Albany County District Attorney. She asks him a question, and he responses that he’s “shocked” that the teacher would use such poor judgment and thought she might have laid low. Rita’s next question: “Weren’t you shocked…?” as though she hadn’t even listened to his previous response. And the entire three-minute (or so) interview was like that, with her asking questions that he had already answered.

I didn’t watch any more of the program, since she had moved on to Alabama-teen-missing-in-Aruba, and instead watched the last two innings of the Mets exciting 1-0 win over the Nats.

So I need to know, because I don’t watch her show, and indeed was totally unfamiliar with her until I read this story about the former FOX reporter: is Rita Cosby ALWAYS that incompetent, or was that just an aberration?

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