Harriet’s Gone, and so is Scooter

I am SO sad that Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for Supreme Court justice. Really, I am. I loved seeing her in all of those pictures with Bionic Dick Cheney and I. Lewis “Child’s Vehicle” Libby when the news broadcasters talked about the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson situation.

Not only that, but a week’s worth of Doonesbury strips are n.g. and next week’s strips will be reruns.

And now, Libby’s been indicted, for perjury and obstruction, and has resigned. Another bummer, because:

  • It seems like the President has decided to consolidate all of his bad news in one week.
  • The indictments came down on a Friday, which means it will be in the Saturday newspapers, traditionally the one least read.
  • Turd Blossom wasn’t indicted with Libby
    Well, one takes what one can.
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