I have hit six months of blogging today. I’ve never missed a day, though I’ve come darn close a couple times.

There was this blogger who wrote something called Fanboy Rampage who quit posting this past month after two years, much to the chagrin of several people. I have no opinion about this development, rarely having read his column. But this situation was so disconcerting that this person had been re-evaluating why he posts. I would feel badly if HE stopped blogging, because I would miss his pithy observations. (BTW, I received a Halloween package from him yesterday, with a CD from him, one from his wife, and a new 25-cent comic book, a rare commodity these days.)

For me, ultimately, I have to post for ME. There are times I post a question and get no responses or just one or two, and I wish I could get more.
Specifically, I STILL want to know:
Is Pam from The Office (US version) attractive, and why? (You can ensure domestic tranquility.)
Are there other albums that use a song as the function title song, such as Shawn Colvin’s “Sunny Came Home”, that contains the line, “A Few Small Repairs”

And I can’t tick off SOMEONE by suggesting that Amos ‘n’ Andy be shown?

But I have to keep remembering that the reason I was doing this thing in the first place was self-expression. I didn’t know if anyone (besides a couple people) would even find it.
(My wife rarely reads it, so when she says, “What did you post today, I harumph, “Go READ it!” rather than try to encapsulize it.)
I continue to be amazed that people I don’t know manage to find it and peruse it more than once.

Besides, it is a place I can post information I receive about Samuel Alito’s America here and here via e-mail. (Alito is the next contestant on “Supreme Court Roulette”.) Or I might find something in today’s newspaper about singing mice that I want to share.

This run I have is rather like Cal Ripkin, Jr.’s consecutive game streak. There are days when I should have benched myself. And sooner or later, I’ll be on a trip, and I’ll be unable to post, and that will be OK. (It will have to be OK, he said to himself, grimacing.) I was comforted by Burgas, because he passed on writing for a whole weekend as he traveled east. (NO football predictions! No pithy links!) But then he revealed, by his own definition, how dumb he is (he missed a wedding he traveled 2500 miles to attend), so that mitigated my comfort level.

Gee, I do love to pick on Greg. On Friday, he wrote:
Washington (+2) 20, NEW YORK GIANTS 17. Tough game to pick. The Giants should be emotionally ready to win one for their dead owner, Wellington Mara, but I’m taking the Washingtonians. I hope they tie, actually. Can’t they both lose?
I replied: “No way the Giants lose at home after Mara’s death.”
Greg’s answer: See, because you say ‘no way,’ that’s why I’m picking against them. I think they’ll be full of confidence to start, but if Washington holds them off in the first quarter, the momentum will start to change.
On Sunday: Giants 36, Washington 0, which means I’m 1-0 for the season, and I’ll quit while I’m ahead. Actually, that game notwithstanding, Greg’s gotten pretty good at that sports selection process.

Meanwhile, I continue to have more ideas to write about than time to write them, especially since my Internet at home will be down for at another couple weeks.

Once again, I must thank (or curse) Fred Hembeck for getting me started on this electronic cruise.

Rock meme-Lyle Lovett

When we first had four librarians in our office in 1998, this was one of the few artists that everyone could tolerate.

Artist/Band: Lyle Lovett (b. 11/1/1956), which makes him the big 5-0 next year
Are you male or female: Stand By Your Man; I Know You Know
Describe yourself: Long Tall Texan; Skinny Legs; I’ve Gort the Blues
How do some people feel about you: Nobody Knows Me; They Don’t Like Me
How do you feel about yourself: Old Friend; I Think You Know What I Mean
Describe what you want to be: Record Lady
Describe how you live: You’ve Been So Good Up to Now
Describe how you love: I Loved You Yesterday; Give Back My Heart; I Love Everybody
Share a few words of wisdom: Here I Am; It Ought to Be Easier; Once is Enough

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