World Hello Day

I was reading Nick Jr. magazine – I’m always amazed at what I’m reading these days – when I discovered that tomorrow, November 21 is World Hello Day. I had never heard of it, but it has been going on for over 30 years. They even have cards and more cards designating the occasion.

The basic idea is to say “hello” to 10 people tomorrow, preferably people you would not normally say hello to. Maybe that strange person on the bus, or a total stranger walking by.

So, in honor of World Hello Day, I am having a contest. Be the first person to e-mail me with the answer to the question will win:
1) a copy of a mixed CD with hello/welcome as a theme
2) a copy of a mixed CD of my favorite Hello Records songs (that I haven’t made yet)
3) a Dave Barry book about terrible songs (this has nothing to do with the theme, I just happen to have two copies), and
4) other hello-related stuff to be determined
The next four winners will receive 2) 3) and 4)

The question:
At first so strange to feel so friendly
To say good morning and really mean it
To feel these changes happening in me
But not to notice till I feel it.

1) What is the full name of the song above Title (and Parenthetical Title)
2) Who sang it first?
3) Who wrote it?

As always, decisios of the judge is final. No employees of Arro Verti Enterprises are eligible.

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