Stupid Verizon

When last we chatted about this, Verizon owed us a check for $67 but instead, sent us a bill for $87. The good news is that the bill was inexplicably reduced to $22. The better news is that we got the $67. The bad news – you KNEW there was bad news – is that Verizon is threatening us with collection procedures if we don’t pay them the $22, which of course we won’t because WE DIDN’T ORDER ANY SERVICE FROM THEM ON SEPTEMBER 6, WE DISCONNECTED SERVICE FROM THEM ON SEPTEMBER 6.

I call today, lest our credit become besmirched. Apparently, the technician who came on September 6 was not the necessary authorization of the disconnecting of the second line, even though he disconnected the second line. That order didn’t go in until October 31, when I had my last conversation with Verizon customer service.

In any case, I was told that it would be taken care of today. As if I actually believe that. If I mention this topic again, know that my blood pressure will have gone up 20 points.

Author: Roger

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