Time Changes Things

Today’s theme: NOT same as it ever was.

Recently, the last telegram was sent by Western Union.

My wife’s a big Michelle Kwan fan, so was quite irritated when I said that the winner of 9 US championships, 5 world championships, and silver and bronze at the last two Winter Olympics ought not to have been on this year’s Olympic team. Seems I was right, but don’t tell my wife.

Headline in AdAge magazine: “P&G may kill Crest outside U.S.” Most of sales for Oral-B – acquired by Proctor and Gamble when it bought Gillette in October – are outside the U.S., while most of P&G mainstay Crest’s sales are domestic.

They’re now going to count DVR ratings. Not all advertisers are happy, though.

Yet another color-coded warning system.

I woke up one morning to hear that Cheney was shooting Quayle. Then I got the real story, that the veep who couldn’t shoot straight WASN’T shooting the veep who couldn’t spell well. In any case, body armor IS available.

US and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster. Seems like seems like only last year that the U.S. was touting the democratic process in the Middle East.

(Poster from 1946)

Finally: I’ve known Kevin’s parents for years. Kevin’s mother writes:

We are all proud of our children – and through the trials and tribulations of parenthood we all hope that sooner or later our children will find what they are really good at and really excel at it.

Well, some of us have to wait longer than others, but I am pleased to report that Kevin recently discovered his particular niche to excel at – and won a national contest!

I hope you don’t mind that, as his proud parent, I wanted to share this with you.

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