"I Love Trash"

O.K., I don’t, but I’ve dealt with it from time to time.

The very first Earth Day in 1970, the students at my high school, Binghamton Central, decided to pick up the grounds. For whatever reason, I concentrated on cigarette butts, maybe because I knew they were NOT biodegradable. In one day, I picked up over 1300 of them. My great pet peeve is people throwing cigarette butts out of moving car windows, for cigarette butts, according to this source, constitute the most common source of litter. It’s also a drag to be hit by one while riding one’s bike. And of course, there’s a potential fire hazard, since we’ve been in an Elevated Fire Awareness Alert pattern for a while around here.

I was a janitor, twice, once at a New Paltz department store, once in Binghamton City Hall.

When I was at my previous church, I was very active in doing litter pickup around the building. Since I lived nearby for a number of years, it was part of my self-appointed neighborhood litter watch.

In anticipation of our (unwelcome) office move next month, I spent much of yesterday wading through years of paper items I’ve accumulated over 13 years, filling a recycling bin.

So, the fact that my desk is a mess – and worse now than usual – does not contradict the fact that I would never throw even a gum wrapper on the sidewalk.
I love this, Albany:

Free Shredding Day
Saturday April 22
9 am – 2 pm
6 Brown Road
Albany, New York
For information, call 518 459-2222

Twice a year, the first Saturday after the April 15 Federal tax deadline, and the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend, Schaap Certified Shredding Services in Albany provides free shredding of confidential documents for the general public. Individuals and not-for-profit organizations are invited to bring up to 200 pounds of paper to our facility and watch it being shredded in a matter of seconds. This is provided as a free public service in cooperation with the Town of Colonie Police.

Vehicles are unloaded under cover for patrons, so this event is held rain or shine.

After April 22, our next free shredding day will be Saturday, October 7. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Coming from downtown Albany on WASHINGTON AVE.:
Turn RIGHT onto FULLER RD. 0.6 mile
Turn LEFT onto WAREHOUSE ROW. 0.1 mile
Turn RIGHT onto BROWN RD. less than 0.1 mile.

The webpage also has information about identity theft.

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