The move at work

We’ve been told that we are moving our offices (O.K., movers are coming) on May 12. Having been around for a few years, I would not be shocked if this actually took place a day or two earlier or a couple days later.

That said, my new mailing address will be:

SUNY Plaza
Corporate Woods Building, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12246-0001

For deliveries from FedEx or UPS or other vendors the actual physical address for the new location will be:

22 Corporate Woods Blvd., 3rd floor
Colonie, NY 12211

If you are mailing anything to me, I’ve been told that the items will be forwarded. Still, you might consider NOT mailing anything that won’t reach me by May 8 until after May 15.

I usually give out my work mailing address for packages. It’s not a matter of privacy. It’s the fact that we don’t have a mailbox at the house, we have a mail slot, and a small one at that. Often, packages are left on the porch.

I’m supposed to have the same e-mail address at work, but it will be disrupted at least temporarily at some point. You may wish to e-mail me at home pretty much from May 10 to May 16 if you really want to be sure that I read what you sent in a timely fashion. I tend to look at my work e-mail more, but I will make a concerted effort to pay more attention to the home e-mail that week.

Also, the main phone number, 518 443-5398, will remain the same, but I BELIEVE I’ll have a different exchange, or totally separate number in the new place. Details on this, like so many other aspects of this move, are sketchy at best.
I was up in the attic bring down stuff we were going to pass on to friends of ours, parents of a daughter about a year younger than Lydia, when I came across a file with newspaper clippings. To my surprise, there was one I missed (!) when I wrote about it recently, the August 14, 1998 item. If you wish, you can answer here the question that the newspaper writer asked, which was about the worst TV show ever.
A couple interesting posts I read this week both about youth and class distinctions:

Rethinking … The Emerging White Underclass

The TV show My Super Sweet 16, something I wrote about myself last October. Apparently, it’s as obnoxious as ever.

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