(Pet Clark in my head.)

I’ve been working in downtown Albany for the past 13 years. This is what I’ll miss:

* Lunch with friends
* The variety of places to go out to lunch with friends: sandwich shops, Chinese restaurants, pizza places, diner-type places, bar food type places, the new sushi place, the place that sells gyros (a Greek woman I knew preferred the 2nd or 3rd pronunciation of the 2nd definition). That doesn’t include the street vendors up by the Capitol half the year, with even more selections.
* Shopping at Lodge’s, Albany’s Oldest Store.
* The Farmer’s Market, about 1/3 of a block away in the good weather, indoors and just up the hill in the winter
* Riding my bike to work when Carol’s not teaching (and she takes Lydia to daycare)
* The gaudy Christmas lights on the State Street median
* My bank and my credit union a block or two away
* My eye doctor and my dentist a couple blocks away
* The vendors in the stores I got to know
* The buskers on the corners
* Watching the folks go to the nearby Arena and try to guess what event they were attending, strictly by the age and apparel of the attendees
* Donating blood every eight weeks, and at a place where everyone DOES know my name, such as Shirley, who runs the canteen
* The easy access to the walking/riding path by the river
* A quick bus trip to my doctor, Lydia’s doctor, or Lydia’s day care
* Several bus options home, rather than one
* The ability to stay later because I had so many options home, rather than one

There are probably more, but that’ll do for now.
Akeelah and the Bee opens today. It’s on my list of films to see.

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