Stuff Other People Sent Me

It’s so hot that they cancelled the horse racing yesterday: “Due to severe heat and humidity that has plagued the entire East coast, Saratoga Race Course has canceled its nine-race program today. In a morning meeting with trainers, jockeys, the track veterinarian, stewards, track superintendent and senior management, a unanimous decision was reached to call off the races.” If you’re from around here, you know what a BFD that is.

97 on Tuesday, down to 96 yesterday, but humid. And the room I type in is the warmest room in the house.

It’s so warm that I’m compelled to provide this link about an even hotter place, a piece I kinda, sorta midwived, as it were.

I suppose I could review the new Johnny Cash album, but I think Nik just about covered it, except for one thing: the second track, God’s Gonna Cut You Down, is a remake of Run On from Moby’s Play album, which in turn is a remix of Run On For A Long Time by Bill Landford and The Landfordaires. I now have three versions of this song, the latter from this album, all quite listenable in different ways.

Oh, are you getting what the Wall Street Journal calls “empty spam”, i.e., e-mail with text from literary works? Most recently, I got parts of Ultima Thule, by Henry Handel Richardson (chapter 5).
The COST OF WAR here and here. (From Dan).
Carbohydrate Addicts’ Official Frequently Asked Questions and Answerson Artificial Sweeteners and Non-Sugar Substitutes (Don’t remember offhand.)
My friend Sarah sent a list of bumper stickers, some of which I’ve included:

Blind Faith in Bad Leadership Is Not Patriotism

Religious Fundamentalism – A Threat Abroad, A Treat At Home

Feel Safer Now?

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease

Honor Our Troops; Demand The Truth

Fact: Bush Oil
1999 – $19 / barrel
2006 – $70 / barrel
My friends Paul & Mary Liz Stewart sent me a couple items of interest to me. They are among the experts on the Underground Railroad, especially in New York:

As outlined in this news release, a number of African American remains dating from the Colonial period were uncovered in Colonie in a previously unidentified burial ground last year. There were 13 sets of remains. News reports mistakenly identified the remains as having a connection to the French and Indian War. Subsequent investigation yielded that the remains were African Americans from the Colonial or post-colonial period. Examining the remains will yield information about how African Americans lived, and worked in this period. It will also be a chance to examine remains from first and second generation African people in America. At the meeting identified below you will hear about the discovery, the archaeology that took place, some of the bioarchaeology that tells us about the lives of those discovered, and input will be solicited regarding plans for the re-interment of the remains and marking of this burial site. I hope you can attend this important and historic meeting.

Call for Proposals for Workshop and Panel Presentations
Sixth Annual Underground Railroad Conference

“Discovering the Underground Railroad: Uncovering the Voices of Women”
February 23-25, 2007, College of St, Rose, Albany, NY

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