The Lydster, Part 29 Girlfriends

From the pictures I’ve shown, you’d think Lydia was a bit of a loner. Untrue.

One of the benefits of three trips to Binghamton is that Lydia got to see her friend Kay, twice there and actually once in Albany. Their mothers are great friends, in each other’s weddings (as was I), and the girls are only a couple months apart, so I think the mothers really wanted the girls to bond, and it appears that they have.

Of course, that only goes so far. When we were at our house, I was reading stories to them when Kay got on my lap. Lydia sulked. So I had to put Kay down, put Lydia on one lap, THEN put Kay on the other. And occasionally, there were sharing issues. But they seemto really adore one another.

I’ve never been sure: is this a hug or a chokehold?

Lydia with three of her five-year-old cousins at the Olin family reunion.

This picture in response to those who claim that I only show my daughter smiling. (But the picture at the top happened soon after this one.)

Don’t mess with this child.

Love you, daughter of mine.
Before we had Lydia, the Kix cereal registered trademark used to bug me. But now, “Kid-tested, Mother-approved” is starting to really offend. It maintains the stereotype of the caring mother and absent father. Feh.

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